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Flower Hill Promenade Project

The Flower Hill Promenade in Del Mar, California, is one of San Diego's most popular upscale shopping centers. As their name implies, the Promenade's design theme is flowers, so when they wanted a monument sign designed to fit this theme, they came to Planters Unlimited. Already familiar with our custom design and manufacturing capabilities from previous projects, they knew that we were the go-to for creating an eye-catching sign that perfectly reflected their brand. And they weren't disappointed.

We started with the overall design of the sign, a 40-foot monument sign that was slightly angled (with the back of the planter higher than the front) so that it would be highly visible to the center's incoming traffic and from the street. The 40-foot sign was constructed using five "sections" of 8-foot custom-made fiberglass planters, which had false bottoms so that there was about 10" of soil space - saving on soil cost and maintenance while leaving plenty of room for plants with shallow root systems, like perennials and succulents. To make the letters for the sign, we designed and manufactured a PVC stencil cutout that dropped into the planters. Our client could then plant flowers into the PVC cutout, creating the look of letters visually "popping" with color in order to welcome shoppers and advertise the brand both day and night.

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The best part of this custom monument signage is that we designed the PVC cutout to be easily removable for when our client wished to replant new flowers and plants, or place other designs in their place. Holiday designs like Santa and his sled for Christmas, or pumpkins for Halloween, could easily be manufactured and dropped into the fiberglass planters to both promote the season and freshen up the design.

Like Flower Hill Promenade's monument sign, we can create any design you're after with our durable fiberglass planters, which can be custom-made to almost any size specifications, including oversized. We also offer the option of adding lifelike, zero-maintenance faux plants from our complementary brand, Artificial Plants Unlimited. Choose from a variety of bright flowers and vibrant, realistic-looking greenery for a natural-looking display that needs no water or replanting, and showcases your brand name, logo, or design beautifully - no matter the season or weather.

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