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Capri Fiberglass Rectangular Planters

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The Capri Rectangular planter is one of the most refreshingly simple commercial planters on the market today. Crisp, clean, and casually refined, the Capri is appropriate with every kind of décor from urban sleek to seaside chic. Use the flexible and pretty Capri Rectangular planter at the entrance to tennis courts, golf courses, or spas. The Capri looks great around a swimming pool or beside a pond, reflective pool, or fountain. And it brings charm and grace to any storefront, sidewalk bistro, or upscale café. Use it indoors, where it adds uplifting energy and pleasant greenery. Or leave it outside - where the Capri has the toughness and endurance to weather any storm, extreme climate, or demanding task.

One of the most popular features of our Capri Rectangular planters is that they come in different finishes and textures, so you can order some with a smooth finish and other with a sandy texture. Choose from a broad spectrum of earth-friendly colors that flatter the landscape and compliment plants, flowers, trees, and bushes.

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48in.L x 18in.W x 24in.H Capri Rectangle Flower Planter
48in.L x 24in.Wx 24in.H Capri Rectangle Flower Planter
72in.L x 24in.W x 24in.H Capri Rectangle Flower Planter
The Capri is the obvious choice for those tasked with landscaping at a seaside marina or oceanfront resort. But it is an equally superior planter for the lobby of a mountaintop retreat or the welcome area of a corporate headquarters in a big city setting. Our customers use the Capri to define outdoor restaurant seating grids and to add color to Southwestern courtyards and desert rock gardens. They add elegance to rooftop terraces, backyard outdoor kitchens, parking garages, and the lobbies of large multiplex cinemas. Use them in public parks or outside the local post office, bank, or police station to add uniformity and friendliness. The Capri Rectangular commercial planter can transform a predominantly concrete and glass office park into a green space with multicolored flowers to offset the monotony of the architecture. Or it can be used to dress up a transit terminal or change the attitude of a stark and sterile hospital or doctor's office and make it more inviting and soothing. They even work wonders in a private residential setting, whether that might be a single-family estate home, a large retirement community, a high-rise condo project, or a cluster of cheerful eco-friendly bungalows. Pick from a large number of sizes that can be arranged and configured to suit your needs, however diverse and challenging your project or architectural demands may be.