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Scroll Window Box Cages

Max out summer curb appeal with railing and window planters made of lovely wrought iron. The Scroll Window Boxes offer a unique container gardening opportunity with a host of display options. To keep cost at a minimum, line window box cages with terra cotta pots as pictured. Or, see about our many liner options including rot-free PVC offered as an upgrade option here.

Metal window boxes are truly the quintessential container for home exteriors. And the Scroll Planter Boxes are stunning in their simplicity, making terra cotta pots look as if they're floating on air. Fill window planters with all types of seasonal flowers, green plants and herbs and instantly transform curb appeal.

The Scroll Window Boxes feature rust resistant powder coated finishing and a built in system of mounting tabs for easy installation. From there, pots or planter liners simply lift in and out of window box cages, making arrangements easy to pot, prune or winterize as desired.

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24" Scroll Window Box Cage
Price: $59.85
Sale Price: $38.99
30" Scroll Window Box Cage
Price: $72.85
Sale Price: $57.99
36" Scroll Window Box Cage
Price: $83.85
Sale Price: $67.99
42" Scroll Window Box Cage
Price: $109.85
Sale Price: $84.99
48" Scroll Window Box Cage
Price: $132.85
Sale Price: $103.99
54" Scroll Window Box Cage
Price: $154.85
Sale Price: $111.99
60" Scroll Window Box Cage
Price: $199.85
Sale Price: $159.99
72" Scroll Window Box Cage
Price: $229.85
Sale Price: $178.99

Adding metal window boxes to home exteriors is instantly rewarding. From the moment they go up, our Scroll Window Planters give your curb appeal that extra special something. Just imagine the possibilities after adding colorful clusters of flowers and greens galore.

So Many Reasons to Love Window Box Cages

At Hooks and Lattice, we try not to play favorites with our planters. But the truth is, we have a soft spot for our line of wrought iron metal window boxes. They just have a way about them whether perched below window frames, on patio walls or front porch railings.

In particular, the Scroll Window Box Cage dazzles with a unique, suspended look. When displayed with a row of terra cotta flower pots, botanicals seemingly float on air. Talk about an eye-catching touch to curb appeal.

And here's a few of the many more features to fall in love with:

Installation is easy using the integrated bracket system. Mounting tabs run both vertically and horizontally along the back side of window box cages, so each homeowner can choose the spacing right for their project. For railing planters, just add flower box brackets for wood or metal railings.

Metal window boxes can stay outside year-round in any climate. Powder coated finishing provides superior rust resistance and the wrought iron frames are ultra durable. To winterize or store, simply remove flower pots or planter liners.

Each season brings new opportunity for green and floral arranging. Whether planting an herb garden in spring and summertime window planters or filling them with gourds and pumpkins for the autumn holidays, our customers are always coming up with new and exciting ideas.

Need a Custom Size?

Please call toll free to ask about the Scroll Window Boxes and other wrought iron planters in non-standard sizes. A Hooks and Lattice representative can also suggest any needed accessories such as mounting hardware or railing planter brackets.