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54in . XL Laguna Premier Composite Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System

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54"L 10.5"w x 10.5"H - Trim adds 1.5" to Length and .75" to Width

Our Extra Large (XL) Laguna Premier Window Box is made premium grade composite cellular PVC material will not rot or mildew and is completely insect proof.  Like most of our other Premier Composite styles, it comes with an "Easy Up" integrated cleat mounting system that makes for a simple installation and easy box removal for winter or replanting.

These premier composite PVC look exactly like wood and are made from solid "wood-like" panels by our dedicated craftsmen. Cellular PVC has the same density (and weight) as White Pine but as they have no wood properties, they won't accept moisture that leads to cracking, rotting and warping. The XL Laguna pictured on the left is shown with OPTIONAL Faux Brackets. Custom lengths are also available.

XL Sizes: "This Length" x 10 1/2"W x 10 1/2"H - The top and bottom trim adds 1.5" to overall box length and .75" to the width.

Window Box Size: 54"L x 10.5"W x 10.5"H (not including trim on front and side of box - trim adds 1.5” to overall length and .75” to width).

Window Box Dimensions XL Laguna

Most window boxes look best when sized to the outer edge of your window trim or midpoint of your shutters.

Our Petite box differs from our Standard or XL sizes by their width and height.

Please call us if your require a custom length 800-896-0978
Add (2) 20" Drop-In PlanterWell Reservoir by using the drop-down menu above the "Add to Cart" button above.
PlanterWell Self Watering Reservoir
These rectangular "PlanterWell" Self Watering Reservoirs are a perfect solution to make your new or existing window boxes or planters easier to maintain.

With our wide selection of sizes and custom configurations "PlanterWell" self watering reservoirs can be designed to irrigate almost any size window box or planter. Each "PlanterWell" self watering reservoir can be used by itself or in conjunction with other "Planter Well" self watering reservoirs to create a self irrigating window box or planter.

Not only do "PlanterWell" self watering reservoirs reduce the times that a planter needs to be watered it also improves plant growth and reduces water usage. Each Planter Well will irrigate 9" of soil beyond it's edge, so one 36" reservoir will keep the soil moist in a window box or planter that is 48" long.

Classic Faux Brackets (2): Simulated "beams" under box (Item# S9-FB-XL). Can be included as automatic add-on feature when ordering (see option drop-down menu box when ordering). Faux Brackets look particularly great with second story windows or with window boxes with cascading plants.
Faux Brackets for Window Boxes