24in. Supreme Flowerbox Window Box - White

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For your next outdoor floral arrangement, make it a classic. The Supreme Flower Box in white has that timeless window planter silhouette in a clean, smooth finish. Using an extruded method of fiberglass construction, garden containers take on a lightweight, yet durable, body that displays well in any climate. Without concern for extreme hot or cold, fiberglass window planters will work anywhere – from Northern Minnesota on down to the Florida Keys.

Our Supreme line of fiberglass planters comes in various colors online and white flower boxes are easy to customize using your own paint. Custom planter sizes are also available up to 14'L measurements. Each outdoor planter comes with a pre-fit drainage mat and convex bottom that combine to channel excess water out of openings in the end-cap. The prevention of over-watering and increased airflow join forces to eradicate root rot and yield flourishing container garden arrangements.

This product comes with (2) wall mount brackets and bolts; additional hardware may be required for different mounting surfaces.

More Information
Length 24"
Height 9"
Width 8.5"
Material Fiberglass
Mounting Type Cleat Mount
Color White
Sizes 24"
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