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30in. Supreme Flowerbox Window Box - White

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30" L x 8 1/2" W x 9" H -Includes (2) Brackets

Improve your container garden experience with a White Supreme Window Flower Box. This 30" outdoor planter has a timeless silhouette, smooth white finish and a no-fail system of drainage. Construction is out of an extruded fiberglass that is at once durable and lightweight. And containers can thrive in any climate without susceptibility to damage in extreme heat or cold. As for moisture, fiberglass will never rot, mildew or mold.

Supreme Fiberglass Planters come with a fitted drainage mat that replaces any need for a layer of pebbles, stones or other aids to runoff. Water is channeled over the gentle slope of the container bottom to escape via holes in the end-cap. This system also increases airflow to roots for maximum protection against root rot.

Supreme Fiberglass products are available in a range of color options online and in custom lengths measuring up to 14-feet by request; please call toll free. Can also be painted with your own color at home. Online orders include a pair of wall brackets and bolts for standard mounts.

30" L x 8 1/2" W x 9" H -Includes (2) Brackets 

30" Box: Soil volume: 1.25 cubic feet, empty weight: 11.25 pounds

Fiberglass Window Box Dimensions from Hooks and Lattice 
If you'd like a more decorative look to your windows, consider these wrought iron window box brackets below.  Simply locate our different styles on the right side of this page and click to review or add to your shopping cart.Using these shelf-like brackets allows your box to be mounted further from the wall frequently allowing clearance from window trims and other trim boards.
Wroght Iron Window and Flower Box Mounting Hardware
  • French Shelf Bracket Pair- creates a 8 1/4" Shelf

  • Scroll Shelf Bracket Pair - creates a 8 1/4" Shelf

  • French Shelf Bracket- creates a 11 1/4" Shelf
Finish: Powder Coated in Textured Black
Our line of Supreme Fiberglass Window Boxes come with wall brackets to hang your window box beneath a window on your home. Bolts are included, but if you are mounting the box to a stone/brick home, you will need to purchase lag shields separately. Diagrams are shown below so that you can see how the boxes are mounted to a wall and to a railing. To explore additional mounting hardware, including brackets for hanging the box from a railing, visit our Optional Brackets (For Fiberglass Supreme Boxes Only) page.

Fiberglass Window Box Installation from Hooks and Lattice