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Standard Cedar Rail Top Flower Box

Our beautifully crafted standard rail box will accomodate either a 4 inch or a 6 inch rail. It's the same signature tongue and groove design of our standard window boxes and it sits directly on your deck rail with two bottom support board that slip over the 2x4 or 2x6 top railing. Plant it up with some lovely trailing vinca and create an exotic deck garden. All our planters are constructed so that you can plant directly into them. Northern white cedar is one of nature's small miracles. It's rot resistant.

Standard Cedar Rail Top Flower Box 32"
Standard Cedar Rail Top Flower Box 38in.

This Standard Cedar Rail Top Flower box is revolutionizing decks, patios and porches with a choice of bottom support in traditional tongue and groove design crafted to fit a rail either 4" or 6" wide, making installation a breeze.

Our cedar rail flower box is crafted from excellent Northern White Cedar, applauded for its ability to resist rot. The natural cedar finish of these deck rail flower boxes will match other cedar architectural items in your exterior design, where all your cedars can weather to beautiful silvered grey. Cedar will be fine outdoors in all seasons. Replace or rejuvenate soil with nutrients in the spring.

It's fun to move your deck or porch flower boxes up to the railing so they can trail the vining plants to further enrich your exterior décor. Matching your deck and porch flower boxes with window boxes ties your home exterior together quickly and simply.

Choices like our cedar rail top flower box have encouraged plant breeders to develop more and more attractive, hardy vines for container gardening. Here are a few, some old, some new: Alyssum, Asarina, Calibrachoa (million bells), Cobea (cup and saucer vine), creeping zinnia, Helichrysum Petiolare (licorice plant), sweet potato vine, ivy geranium, lobelia, nasturtium, Scaevola (fan flower), verbena, vinca vine and wave petunias. Petunias now appear in two colors as well as one.