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Azalea Outdoor Artificial Living Wall 96in.L x 48in.H

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96"L x 48"H

A Breathtaking Floral Backdrop

Make it summer all year long with these outdoor artificial flower walls! No matter where you live you can enjoy the year round splendor of vibrantly blooming Azalea plants, bringing a spirit-lifting sense of sunny climes to your space. These artificial living walls can be set up permanently to display faux flowers on a courtyard or dining patio. Or they can be easily moved and rearranged as temporary decorative enhancements for a photography backdrop, outdoor reception, or wedding décor. Our artificial Azalea walls are the perfect combination of high quality materials and durable construction that brings you a long-lasting and maintenance-free outdoor decorative solution.

Realistic Artificial Flower Walls

How do we achieve such flawless botanical perfection with these artificial Azalea walls? The secret is in hand-craftsmanship rather than mass production. Designed to look just like the real thing, each of these living walls is hand arranged by a skilled floral artist. The highly realistic pink or red blooms and glossy two-tone green foliage are arranged on a sturdy metal grid, making for a dense and breathtaking display. Aside from being organically accurate, these Azalea walls are also very durable for outdoor use. The flowers and foliage are both UV-protected to resist fading in sunny locations.

Eliminate Gardening Tasks with Faux Flowers

Though Azalea bushes grow freely in Southern parts of the United States they can be a hassle to maintain. There is the constant chore of cleaning up fallen leaves and dead blossoms. And aside from worrying about watering and fertilizing, it takes loads of time to keep a living wall manicured to this degree of perfection. Our faux living walls offer a practical and attractive solution to outdoor privacy screening and decorative applications. These large living walls are designed to be mounted against exterior walls, completely hiding the iron frame. They give the lifelike appearance of climbing vines growing along your façade or fence.

96"L x 48"H