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Flowerpot Reservoir Inserts

Flowerpot reservoir inserts provide a comprehensive plant watering system for single and multi-plant arrangements. Using capillary action, these self-watering reservoirs allow plants to drink as needed from their water-store, ranging in volume from 20-132 ounces. With six available sizes, ranging from 6"-16" in diameter and 5 1/2"-14 1/2" in height, you can turn most any flowerpot into a self-watering planter with these simple inserts.

A plant watering system from Hooks & Lattice can help to cut down on maintenance costs in the garden, in addition to conserving resources. Avoid over-watering by filling the self-watering reservoir and letting your green-life do its thing, naturally. Most plants and flowers can stay moist up to a month with just one filling in a flowerpot- turned-watering planter using these inserts. Not only does this benefit our customers, but conservation of resources helps Mother Nature to breathe a little easier.

For further information and consultation, contact customer service at 1-800-896-0978 between the hours of 7am and 5pm PST, Monday-Friday.

16"  Self Watering Flowerpot Inserts

"Flowerpot reservoir inserts are everyone's friends. If you water container planters faithfully or have had a season with more than ample rain, you know how amazing container plants look with the ideal amount of water -markedly more lovely than with average water, and well worth adding self-irrigating flowerpot inserts.

Flowerpot inserts make any container pot into a self-watering beauty. Just be sure to insert the self-watering pot reservoir before you plant. Our flowerpot watering inserts have superior features - a spout for adding water directly to the root zone, a nice riser to hold water at the bottom of the container planter pot for roots to collect water but keep the roots from being in standing water at the same time, and the ideal spacing of uptake holes from the base.

You can add liquid or dissolved fertilizer right in the water, and container planter gurus recommend liquid fertilizer for all plant containers.

Remember to check on plants that need a new flowerpot this year. It's a great time to add self-watering flowerpot reservoirs. It's worth adding self-irrigating inserts to existing flowerpots, too. Just transfer the self watering inserts to your plants' new pots when you're ready to re-pot.

You will be delighted to find how much time you can save by adding flowerpot reservoir inserts to container planters in your landscape. In many cases you won't need to water for up to three weeks in cooler weather, and may still be able to stretch to five days in the summer in moderate climates. Our customers in hot summer areas tell us it's sometimes thrilling to get a two-or three-day interval, so they love flowerpot reservoir inserts, too.

And what do people do while their flowerpot reservoirs are reducing their toil? Anything! Enjoying their plantings more is one favorite. "