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72" Window Box Recipe for Azaleas

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Vine 34" L approx 12-16"W, bush 18"H x 11"W

It's no wonder that azaleas have long been a well-loved shrub in the South. With their glossy green foliage and vibrantly colored blossoms, these flowering evergreen bushes bring a joyful punch of color to lawns, gardens, and façades. Now you can enjoy these beautiful plants in your own planters, even if you don't live in the hot South. With our azalea fake flowers, you can enjoy beautifully blooming foliage any time of year, and in any climate. Each of or artificial flower arrangements comes complete with enough foliage to fill a 72" window box.

Plants Fill 6 Foot Long Window Planters

In each 72" window box recipe for azaleas you will receive four vines that combined stretch over ten feet long, and five lush azalea bushes. Made specifically for the outdoors using a high quality PolyBlend material, these faux azaleas have all the appeal of live plants while also having the longevity to last for many seasons out in the elements without fading or falling apart. Glossy green leaves in a gradient of greens imitate living brush while lacy many-petaled flowers in various stages of bloom accentuate the impression of realness. Choose your flower color from red, pink, or cream, or green without blooms for extra-green curb appeal that doesn't fade.

No Maintenance. No Irrigating. No Worries.

The best part about these artificial plants is that they require absolutely zero maintenance. While other gardeners are laboring to water, fertilize, weed, and prune their azalea bushes, you will be sitting back enjoying the beautiful view. These faux azaleas will look as gorgeous as they day you installed them without any work required. Simply arrange them in your 72" long window box to suit your tastes. Since we include vines and bushes you can achieve a multi-level look as greenery cascades down from your planter boxes. This faux arrangement is perfect for second story windows where caring for live plants is cumbersome.

Vine 34" L approx 12-16"W, bush 18"H x 11"W