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Riviera Window & Garden Planters (Finished on 4 Sides)

Our Riviera Iron planters are handmade wrought iron and powder coated in a textured black finish and is designed to sit attractively on a ledge, the ground or any area you desire viewing from all four sides. This planter, finished on three sides that is suitable for wall mounting is called the French Window Box and can be found here. They are available in standard, in-stock sizes of 24", 30",36", 48", 60" & 72". Each planter is 9" Tall and 9" Wide and perfectly suitable for pots. Most homeowners prefer one of our pre-made liners in either galvanized steel or solid wall PVC. Iron Planters normally ship in 2-3 business Days and custom lengths are available in 2-3 weeks.

Question: What is the difference between a Window Box Cage and Window Box Planter? 

Answer: Window Box Planters have the design on all four sides and can be mounted to a flat surface such as a home, fence or wall or mounted on top of a wall where all four sides will be seen.  Window Box Cages are designed to be mounted to a flat surface, therefore there is no design on the mounting side.  Also, Window Box Cages are design to hold our white liners and Window Box Planters are not.

24in. Riviera Window & Garden Planter
30in. Riviera Window & Garden Planter
36in. Riviera Window & Garden Planter
48in. Riviera Window & Garden Planter
54in. Riviera Window & Garden Planter
60in. Riviera Window & Garden Planter
72in. Riviera Window & Garden Planter
Railing Shelf Bracket- 11 1/4" Shelf - (Pair)
Scroll Shelf Bracket- 11 1/4" Shelf - (Pair)
French Shelf Bracket- 11 1/4" Shelf  - (Pair)
Railing Shelf Bracket- 9 1/2" Shelf - (Pair)
10" Shelf Window Box Wall Bracket - (Pair)
Coco Fiber Rolls

Looking for a fresh line in window box planters? Our Riviera wrought iron window planter is tres moderne with a lovely side bordering of exquisitely curved lines, all fashioned by hand in ageless wrought iron. This exciting window planter design is worthy of your home as well as those on the stylish French Riviera coast.

A window planter like this is designed to sit on a ledge or anywhere else because it is finished on all four sides, unlike window boxes. So order a window planter when your design will display four sides of your container planter, and a window box when you need three finished sides.

Add even more design sizzle with another alternative - hang your wrought iron window planter on a wrought iron fence. Very, very nice and very stable with our Railing Shelf Bracket. We offer two stylish wrought iron options for affixing your window planter or window box to a wall of your choice. Customers sometime wonder whether our scroll brackets are heavy enough, and we can assure them yes with outdoor planters up to 11 1/4". They are powder coated in black, so enjoy a durable finish for your window box planter accessories. Similarly sized and another graceful presentation to hang a window box planters, you may choose the French Shelf Bracket.

One of our favorite features about this outdoor planter is the open ironwork that allows you to display pots within. If your spot doesn't have even sunlight, plants in pots that you can change around to switch sun to partial shade or whatever your plants need. Or line with coir and use as a single planter. A capacious size, this wrought iron planter is ideally balanced with flower pots that are 9" tall and 9" wide. In-stock standard sizes for these Riviera window planters include lengths of 24", 30", 36", 48", 60" and 72".