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Furniture Grade Wood Finials

For wood finials in furniture grade quality, this collection of large wood finials from the Sign Bracket Store encompasses classic ball and decorative designs. Our finials' wood quality can match any project from high-end furniture to outdoor deck posts, and because wood finials are easy to paint or stain, customization is a breeze.

Furniture Grade Wood Finials featured online begin as small as 3"W to fit a 3"" post cap, and extend from there to 5"W, 7"W, topping out with large wood finials measuring 9"W to fit a commanding 9" post cap. Each finials wood finish is a little bit different, with simpler or elaborate silhouettes available, but all are constructed and finished in a furniture grade quality. These simultaneously functional and decorative pieces can be found topping sign and deck posts, adorning living room furniture pieces, or on gates, fences, mailbox posts, and more. Beautiful to look at and easy to apply, wood finials are an asset to both residential and commercial spaces.

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Wood Ball Finials
Decorative Wood Finials
The Furniture Grade Wood Finials featured online at Sign Bracket Store are small to large wood finials suited to a range of applications as post toppers. Each of our finials wood construction is parallel to quality furniture pieces made from fine materials, and wood finials are easily painted or stained to blend with existing color schemes.

Divided into two categories, Furniture Grade Wood Finials come in ball finial styles or other decorative wood finial designs. Click on a section to browse, and then on products to explore different wood finials. Beginning with the grandest, our large wood finials are featured in measurements up to 9""W that affix to a 9"" post cap. From there, measurements come down by 2"" at a time to smaller wood finials with 7"", 5"" and 3"" widths. If you know the width of your post cap, simply choose ball finials with a matching measurement.

Each of these finials wood finish comes ready for paint or staining, so color matching to a particular project is simple. For banisters, gates, deck posts, mailbox posts and fences, wood finials add an extra level of detail to otherwise unremarkable structures. This trade secret is one known to designers, architects and landscapers, as finials are an inexpensive addition that requires a minimal amount of labor and provide a maximum output of aesthetic appeal.

On top of traditional applications on furniture and railing posts, wood finials are also a commercial design ally for signage. For post and panel configurations, large wood finials help commercial displays to assume an air of distinction that goes above and beyond. Simply mount ball or embellished wood finials atop both sign posts, and create commercial signage that looks thoughtfully finished.

For any wood working project - from decks and gates, to furniture and interior staircases - Furniture Grade Wood Finials from Sign Bracket Store help to add that special something. Boost interior or curb appeal, commercial sign displays, and much more with an easy form of architectural ornamentation that has been around nearly as long as we've been building structures to live and work in.

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