Copper-Tone Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters

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Galvanized Window Box features

  • Constructed from galvanized metal and powder coat for rust resistance
  • Copper Tone finish gives the look of copper without added expense
  • Fits perfectly in our Wrought Iron cages, or use with brackets
  • Drainage holes included, custom sizes available
  • 72" Length discontinued

The Copper-Tone Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters make sturdy standalone galvanized window boxes or an attractive liner for cage containers. For durable window boxes, metal that is galvanized makes a simultaneously functional and beautiful home for plant and floral arrangements.

Comparable in appearance to real copper planters, our Copper-Tone Galvanized Window Boxes & Planter Liners are actually made from durable galvanized steel with a powder coated copper-tone finish. This gives the authentic appearance of copper planters at a fraction of the cost.

A Copper-Tone Window Boxes' metal durability combines with an engaging aesthetic to create a win-win for various container gardening projects, from a row of galvanized window boxes to a single, lined cage planter for a fence.

Shop online from our most popular sizes or call to discuss custom Copper-Tone Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters not listed on our website: 1(800) 896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon-Fri.

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Height 8.5"
Width 8"
Material Galvanized
Color Copper Tone
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