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Galvanized Window Boxes- White Metal

White window boxes featured here are created from a galvanized window box that is powder coated in a brilliant snowy paint. Featuring an elegant matte finish, these metal window boxes have a bright appearance that makes them suited to mount as is or as a planter liner.

The appealing design of these metal window boxes features a rectangular shape with slightly tapered edges to add interesting dimension. White window boxes with this straightforward silhouette look effortless and charming along deck railings, below windows or lining walls above a backyard garden bed. The simple elegance of white also creates a striking palette for your favorite foliage and floral arrangements. From bright blooming annuals and perennials to fresh herbs and grasses, they all find a pleasant home in this galvanized window box.

This tapered galvanized window box style is also available in an oil-rubbed bronze or a textured bronze with a hammered finish. Hardware and brackets are not included, but are available for separate purchase online at Hooks & Lattice.

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24" Galvanized Window Box- White
30in. Galvanized Window Box - White
36" Galvanized Window Box- White
42" Galvanized Window Box- White
48in. Galvanized Window Box - White
60in. Galvanized Window Box - White
72" Galvanized Window Box- White
A galvanized window box is durable and pleasing to the eye. These metal window boxes are made from a sturdy galvanized shell that is given a powder coated paint finish to make white window boxes with a brilliant glow. Capable of standing up on their own or suited to applications as a galvanized window box liner, these containers will provide season after season of lovely gardening.

Metal window boxes are a staple when it comes to container garden options and a galvanized window box puts forth all the best qualities that metal has to offer. Durable in construction and versatile in style, these white window boxes are fitted to traditional and contemporary homes alike. This particular style is built with a rectangular silhouette that has slightly tapered edges. With clean lines that slant ever so gently at the corners, this shape is understated but noticeably well executed.

Metal window boxes are a low maintenance option for exterior container gardening and can be mounted under windows, along walls or over the top of fences and railings. Although our tapered galvanized window box does not come with brackets and screws, these materials are available for separate purchase. As each of our customers works with a different mounting surface, we have found that selling brackets separately at affordable prices is the most efficient and least wasteful system.

Simple galvanized window boxes are low cost and because they are carefully galvanized in zinc, assure long life in year-round outdoor applications. Add dazzling white window boxes to your home architecture and landscaping today. Brights get brighter and pastels show in their best glow against a snowy white canvas.

If white window boxes are what your project requires, Hooks & Lattice offers a range of choices including this galvanized window box. In addition to metal window boxes, our online assortment also encompasses containers made from cellular PVC, fiberglass and wood options that can be painted to become white window boxes. Depending on the application and type of climate in which you live, some materials may work better than others in terms of longevity and performance. To discuss a project or get advice, a Hooks & Lattice home and garden representative can offer assistance toll free.