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The Valencia - Large Commercial Grade Planter

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With its classically elegant Mediterranean style the Valencia tapered fiberglass garden planter is both completely dignified and casually refreshing. But this top-quality fiberglass planter is also exceptionally sturdy and resistant to staining, scuffing, extreme weather, and constant wear in any commercial setting or application.

The Valencia's high-relief accent bands and convenient shape combine perfectly to make a clean, bold statement. Because it has a relatively small circular footprint, the Valencia can do more in terms of making a great impression while it occupies less space within your interior or exterior decorative scheme. The finish options are plentiful, so we can help you to pair the versatile Valencia with your project's particular aesthetic requirements. Choose the Valencia for a truly customized effect at a competitive price. Sizes range from 24" to 36" tall and up to 48" in diameter. Custom sizes can be made to order. Price depends upon the quantity.

Trade discounts and custom sizes available

24 Dia. x 18"H Valencia Garden Planter
30" Dia. x 18"H Valencia Garden Planter
42" Dia. x 18"H Valencia Garden Planter
18" Dia. x 24"H  Valencia Garden Planter
24" Dia. x 24"H Valencia Garden Planter
30" Dia. x 24"H Valencia Garden Planter
30" Dia. x 30"H Valencia Garden Planter
36" Dia. x 30"H Valencia Garden Planter
48" Dia. x 30"H Valencia Garden Planter
30" Dia. x 36"H Valencia Garden Planter
36" Dia. x 36"H Valencia Garden Planter
42" Dia. x 36"H Valencia Garden Planter
The Valencia is a sturdy but cleanly elegant planter that is ideal for a full range of different uses or locations, both inside or outdoors. The upright and banded circular shape lends itself equally to almost every imaginable design requirement or ambience, making it one of our most versatile and popular commercial planters.

The planter you choose has to be tough enough to take years of abuse and keep on looking and performing as good as new – otherwise you are just throwing away money. But what distinguishes the Valencia from lesser quality planters is that it does all of that and more, because it is a superior commercial grade fiberglass product that also delivers the intangible qualities of beauty and grace. That special something extra is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary, and that's why the affordable Valencia has a reputation for making our customers – and their plants – look like a million.

Customers find that it works great across the entire spectrum of decorative and architectural applications. The Valencia is right at home in a Southwestern desert rock garden, inside a sleek urban loft, or on the veranda of a seaside resort. Place a grouping of them in the center of an airport, shopping mall, or bank lobby – or cluster different sized Valencia planters in the entryway of a boutique hotel. Whether put to work in Texas or Toronto – downtown Chicago or South Beach – the Valencia consistently works hard but also works like a charm.

The Valencia fits into every space gracefully – thanks to its circular footprint and gentle but stylishly banded profile. But once in position, it also exudes real confidence and expresses itself not like an unavoidable mundane fixture but as an artistic asset. The Valencia quietly speaks to the sensibilities of those who appreciate that form and function can be combined in a way that performs a necessary practical function. While the Valencia is one of the best heavy-duty commercial planters on the market, it also does double duty by making a strong statement about your exceptional taste and awareness of organic creativity.