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Oshiro 70x48 Decorative Screen - 90% High Privacy

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70"H x 48"W

Incorporate the Look of the Orient

If you are looking for screens that are a combination of clean lines and appealing geometric patterns, then our Oshiro panels are right up your alley. An oriental design element, the Oshiro instantly improves exterior and interior spaces alike. These timber garden screens are composed of organic materials grown from sustainable sources so your desire to spruce up your backyard won't cost a furry creature his home or be detrimental to Mother Earth. Also long those lines, we do not use any chemicals when creating our screens, so there is no leaching of toxic materials into groundwater. Beauty and environmentally safe, that's what we call a win-win.

We Can Help You Design the Ideal Timber Garden Screens

Whether you want garden privacy screen to section off your garden from other areas of your yard or you want to use them to extend the privacy your current fencing already provides, we can help you use panels to suit your specific needs. Oshiro outdoor screens measure 70" x 48" and have a 90% blockage rating, so the chances of someone being able to see through the screen is slim. The screens are available in their natural wood color (will age to silver-grey over time) or you can paint or stain them to suit your needs and décor. Our agents are at the ready, able to answer any questions you might have about this project.

So Many Uses

Line multiple screens as attractive fencing to make your yard or patio more private, or you can use one or two screens to create shady areas or more intimate settings. With yard and balcony garden screens it's easy to enhance the look of your outdoor area and to offer privacy. How you choose to use the screens is totally up to you and there is no wrong answer. For additional ideas or to request more information, please call: 1-800-896-0978

70"H x 48"W
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