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Garden Tables, Potting Benches & Raised Bed Gardens

Potting benches, garden tables and raised bed gardens allow you to work while standing, making them a relief to lower backs everywhere. The elevation also allows gardeners to control what soil and nutrients plants and flowers receive. Our assortment of products includes planting table styles with legs, and also raised bed gardens for use out in the yard.

Garden tables and raised bed configurations are featured in easy to assemble kits. Materials used include quality cedar, composite lumber and recycled plastics for durable, rot-resistant outdoor use that also looks attractive. Some of our planting table styles have a surface that functions as a workstation and others have planting space on top of the table with storage underneath. Raised bed gardens come in various configurations including square, rectangular and elliptical silhouettes. Both raised bed and potting benches are a great place to foster new growth from seeds, or transplant flowers and plants purchased at a nursery. Fill to your preference and delight.

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Designer Shaped Raised Gardens
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Niguel Raised Planter Boxes
Elevated Cedar Planter
Cedar Potting Bench w/ Shelf
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Tall Potting Table - White
Tall Garden Potting Bench - White
Tall Garden Potting Bench - Grey
Raised Garden Planter Box w/ Lower Shelf
Raised Garden Planter Box - 24 inches Tall
36in. Elevated Cedar Garden Planter w/ Shelf
75in. Elevated Cedar Garden Planter w/ Shelf
Produce Stand with Chalkboard
Pyramid Planter with Three Tiers
Standing Height Cedar Herb Garden Planter - 8 Compartments
Backyard Garden Trug Planter
Raised bed gardens and potting benches on legs are two innovative methods of improving your gardening experience. With a planting table elevated on two legs, you eliminate the kneeling and hunching that often comes with the potting process by simply bringing everything up to your level. As for raised bed gardens, this is a way to add vertical dimension out in the lawn by creating enclosures that are fully controlled for soil, nutrients and moisture. These are winning ways to innovate in the garden and make some of the grunt work more enjoyable.

Garden tables are responsible for fewer aches and pains in gardens across the country. Those who toil and twiddle amidst their flowerbeds all day know the familiar feeling of an achy lower back. A planting table raised up from the ground takes that problem away. With potting benches you are able to un-pot, re-pot, plant and transplant for hours on end without once having to bend over, kneel or hunch. This collection of garden tables are each on legs at varying heights and come in styles that feature a workbench on top, or a growth area for inserting flowers and plants. Browse styles above and click on individual products for more details.

Raised garden beds are the second group of products featured in this category. This is a popular way to create enclosures out in the yard that are raised up from the ground. Another benefit of raised bed gardens is the gardener's ability to create a fully controlled environment within the walls. You choose the soil and nutrients that are best suited to your vegetables, fruits, flowers and shrubs, and raised beds also encourage healthy drainage for flourishing growth.

Each of our planting table and raised bed garden designs is made from one or a combination of the following materials: natural cedar, wood composite and recycled plastics. All materials utilized are chosen for their attractive look, low-maintenance nature and the ability to thrive in tough outdoor applications. These are outdoor-rated products for use where all the action is taking place - on your patios, decks, and out in the yard and garden. Some easy assembly is required.