Pendant Hanging Terrariums, Set of 3

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Attention-Grabbing Glass Hanging Planters

You might think you've seen it all when it comes to indoor decorative planters, that nothing can impress you anymore. But then you come across something that makes you stop and say "Ooh!" These unique glass hanging planters are sure to be that thing. Get ready to hear a lot of "Ooh's" and "Aah's" from appreciative friends and neighbors when you display these one-of-a-kind hanging geometric terrariums from your living room or kitchen ceiling. In three different shapes and sizes that each display an intriguing multi-faced surface, these are sure to be the decorative elements that stand out from all the rest. These pendant hanging terrariums make the perfect gift for the plant lover who has it all too. That is, if you can will yourself to part with them!

A Perfect Match for Any Décor

Reminiscent of geodes, diamonds, or other precious stones, these glass hanging terrariums have a distinct harmonic feel to them. At the same time they impart an avant garde feel to them. So, no matter how you look at it, they make a lovely addition to any type of décor. Measuring from 7.5" to 10" in height, this trio offers a small addition to your room that will make a huge impact. Each terrarium features clear glass with welded metal seams and its own sewn wire hanging chain. Cluster them together or hang them in separate rooms for individual attention.

Geometric Terrariums for Air Plants

Terrariums are a simple way to add a touch of green elegance to your interior décor. Each planter has an opening large enough to fill it with whatever you like. These small glass terrariums are ideal for air plants that don't require any soil and only the occasional watering. We offer these planters with sphagnum moss in a number of vivid color choices as a natural plant companion. If plants aren't your thing you can also fill these terrariums with colored rocks, seashells, or light-catching fake gem stones.

More Information
Length 5.25", 6"
Height 10", 7.5", 8.75"
Width 0.125"
Diameter 5.25", 6"
Material Glass
Shape Geometric
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