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Giraffe-Themed Wall Art

For an exotic appeal at home, giraffe wall decor makes for a charmingly uncommon addition to your collection of hanging accents. An ideal choice for safari themes, wall art with giraffes is also a fun addition to a youth bedroom or in homes where a love for adventure and travel is on display. Giraffe wall art makes a natural complement to decor that incorporates tribal, nature or animal themes as well.

Wall art with giraffes featured as the centerpiece are a part of a larger collection online at Hooks and Lattice. As a leading online supplier and manufacturer of home and garden goods, we strive to offer options that appeal to a variety of tastes. Giraffe wall decor may appeal to your animal-lover sense or a playful exploratory spirit. Decor that features favorite zoo and safari animals are also a no-fail hit for a children's bedroom. Giraffe wall art designs featured here are versatile because they are whimsical enough for youth to love, yet sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy and admire.

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Giraffe wall art captures the likeness of this beloved safari giant. Long neck, distinctive coat pattern and all, this giraffe wall decor depicts the mysterious beauty of the large African mammal that has fascinated generations of children and adults alike. Among themed interior design schemes, wall art with giraffes on display makes an appropriate addition to subjects of safari, travel, nature, and other adventurously spirited decor. Or, of course, for the decorator who just happens to love giraffes!

Wall art with giraffes is fun to display in a youth bedroom, particularly for older children who adore all types of animals. The allure of large safari mammals is endlessly fascinating to children and giraffe wall decor captures that appeal in a piece that also makes elementary-aged youth feel like they have a grownup element to their room.

Although children love giraffe wall art, it is not to be discounted in 'grownup' interior design plans. Our customers with exotic themes in a living room, home theatre, den or game room love wall art with giraffes on display. Their exotic beauty makes for an interesting addition to your home that keeps a certain element of childlike whimsy. However, it will do so without looking juvenile.

This particular piece of giraffe wall decor features a suspended piece of panel art between a segmented black frame. This type of framing gives the piece more of a tribal feeling than would a solid black frame. Safari animal art is wonderful to pair with framed maps, tribal masks, woven baskets and other depictions of world wonders. This particular print also carries a warm theme of mother and child, with a baby giraffe lovingly rested in the crane of the mom's neck.

In addition to wall art with giraffes featured, Hooks and Lattice also offers a comprehensive category of other contemporary wall hangings including more themes of the natural world, in addition to lifestyle depictions and abstract designs. Metal and canvas wall hangings are featured to suit different tastes and styles. Sailing enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs, art followers, adventurers and nature lovers alike will all find something to adorn their walls.