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High Gloss Tapered Planters

As tapered planters made from fiberglass, our High Gloss Planters are a durable and attractive asset to outdoor container gardening. Each of the glossy planters featured in this category is a 16" container with sturdy, square footing. High Gloss Tapered Planters look lovely amidst garden beds, on patios, or flanking the edges of a front porch.

While High Gloss Planters trend more toward homes with a contemporary or modern aesthetic, these tapered planters also work well for landscapes with a transitional or eclectic personality. Built from fiberglass, glossy planters are given a high-sheen finish in black or white. Their silky neutral coloring creates a lovely canvas for flowering plants in bold colors. Tapered planters in high gloss finishes are also a chic home for arrangements of tall grasses or bamboo.

In addition to the High Gloss Tapered Planters pictured here, Hooks & Lattice also offers an extensive collection of fiberglass planters in other styles and finishes. Browse online and please call with questions or custom requests.

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16" Fiberglass Gloss White Tapered Planter
16" Fiberglass Gloss Black Tapered Planter
High Gloss Planters from Hooks & Lattice are a chic addition to home gardens. These tapered planters add depth through their simple, yet striking silhouette, and also their high impact finish as glossy planters in black or white. Sold online in a versatile 16" measurement, the High Gloss Tapered Planters make stylish additions to front porches, walk-ups, patios, verandas and pool decks.

Each of the glossy planters in this online category is made from durable, lightweight fiberglass, making our tapered planters ideal for residential exterior applications. Fiberglass is a material often utilized in commercial planters for similar reasons - it's at once resilient and easy to move - but more and more homeowners are turning to containers like these High Gloss Planters for their low maintenance, chic appeal.

In addition to glossy planters in black or white, Hooks & Lattice is also proud to offer tapered planters in other styles and materials, including window boxes in complementary designs. High Gloss Planters applied in various spots throughout a residential exterior make for high impact appeal throughout your landscape. Filled with brilliant blooming flowers or luxurious green plants and small shrubs, tapered planters make an excellent statement of care and attention to detail.

While High Gloss Planters are perhaps at their best when applied to modern and contemporary landscapes, as tapered planters with a straightforward silhouette, these containers are at home most anywhere other than highly traditional gardens. With neutral coloring and an attractive sheen, many gardeners will find these glossy planters to be an inspirational blank canvas for a number of different container arrangements. In temperate climates, layer in low growing succulents and towering bromeliads for added depth, or keep it simple by focusing on a singular display of one favorite annual or perennial. Due to each tapered planters' lightweight construction out of fiberglass, container gardens are easy to replant, move and manipulate as you see fit throughout each growing season.

For questions on High Gloss Tapered Planters or other fiberglass options from Hooks & Lattice, we welcome your toll free call at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).