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Gooseneck Light Aluminum- 22 1/4"W x 85" H x 3/4" Dia. Arm with 16" Warehouse Shade

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Shade 16"W x 9" H, Arm 22 1/4" W x 85" T x 3/4" dia.

Industrial Custom Commercial Lighting

Our aluminum gooseneck lights give an upscale industrial-chic look to your exterior space. Though this style of light has been around for ages, we advance it up to the modern day with innovative design and premier construction. Gooseneck light fixtures can give an extra level of curb appeal to your façade. They show that you have an eye for style and care about your appearance, a quality that reflects well on the products you offer within. Aside from adding a level of visual aesthetic that can't be surpassed, this attractive custom commercial lighting fixture also serves a functional purpose. With it, you will illuminate your outdoor space effectively, all in modern style.

Goosenecks for Parapet Lighting

This long gooseneck light has a classic warehouse shade for optimal illumination. It throws a wide pool of light over the surface below adding an extra layer of nighttime security as well as visibility. These aluminum fixtures are ideal for lighting on parapets because of their long gooseneck arm and double wall-mount back plate. This fixture installs to any 4" exterior junction box, round or octagonal. For commercial use, goosenecks for parapet lighting or awning lights can be used to illuminate signage to ensure that all nighttime travelers know who you are and what you provide. They can also be used to provide visibility in alleyways and parking lots after the sun has gone down.

Customize Your Lighting Fixtures

Whether you use these goosenecks for parapet lighting, lining low walls, or affixed to stand-alone structures you can make sure that they are customized to meet your every design and functional need. Each gooseneck fixture and warehouse shade is made from high-quality aluminum and has a rust-resistant powder coat finish. Choose from a number of metal-look and primary color finishes to match your outdoor décor. We also offer alternate lamping options and accessories upon request.

Shade 16"W x 9" H, Arm 22 1/4" W x 85" T x 3/4" dia.

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Download Sign Bracket Store Arm Configurations

Please call for more information about arm configurations.

Choose your powder coated finish option by changing the the color in the drop down menu below the order box.
Custom Finishes Available for an additional charge.

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Survey and Installation instructions for Gooseneck fixtures

Survey installation area prior to ordering/installing light fixtures

  1. Does local code or landlord allow for this style of light to be installed at desired location?

  2. Is there sufficient clearance above, below or adjacent to the installation location to accommodate sweep and projection of gooseneck arm and shade?

  3. Most gooseneck light fixtures are designed to be installed directly on top of a recessed standard Round or Octagonal Junction box. Are the junction boxes in the desired location? If the junction box(es) are located behind the wall or off to one side are the lead lengths coming out of the fixture long enough to reach? These fixtures can be ordered with longer lead lengths - call for details.

  4. Will the shade, at installed location/elevation, be directing its light at the desired spot on the sign face or wall surface? (if not can the mounting plate location be changed to compensate? Please note, an optional swivel coupling is available that will allow for the shade to be swiveled up/down to more precisely direct the light - call for details)

  5. Do you have a sufficient number of fixtures to light your sign? The general rule of thumb is one fixture for every 3' to 4' of sign width (tall signs may also require fixtures above and below the sign for proper illumination). Size of shade, length of arm, sign artwork and sign size/shape must be considered when determining number of fixtures required. If you are uncertain as to what will be required for your project please call and we'll be happy to help advise on your options.

Installation overview (all electrical installations should be performed by qualified personnel)

  1. Disconnect power at main electrical box, prior to installation.
  2. Verify wires from shade are long enough for the arm and accessories provided.
  3. Feed lead wires through arm and thread shade onto arm.
  4. Insert small gasket into wall plate. Press arm fully into wall plate and tighten set screws. Set large gasket in place.
  5. Make wiring connections according to local and national codes.
  6. Attach wall plate with arm assembly to junction box.
  7. With wall plate mounted, loosen set screws and adjust arm to correct position. After adjustment, place arm in wall plate firmly and tighten set screws.
  8. Use generic silicone sealant to prevent water entry.

Important - End of arm must be square and compress gasket adequately to provide wet location seal.

Gooseneck Installation Diagram