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42in. Grape Leaf Hanging Bush

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Fake Vines for Greek-Style Décor

A symbol of vibrant good health, fertility and prosperity, these artificial hanging grape vines are a Grecian-inspired addition to your interior décor. With an incredibly lifelike look, our fake vines are just the thing to make you seem like a master gardener, even if you don't have the first bit of gardening talent. They offer a lush green look that will stay beautiful all year long, with no watering or fertilizing needed. Faux grape vines have a look similar to a trailing ivy plant and are perfect for Italian and Greek styles of interior décor.

Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants

The image of the grape leaf brings to mind thoughts of the earliest days of civilization, when classical art and architecture abound. These verdant artificial hanging plants add a classic sense of elegance to your décor, perfect for Mediterranean, Neoclassical, and Old World styles. They are crafted to look just like the real thing, right down to the miniscule veins running through both the top and bottom of each leaf. Made from a high-quality artificial material, these durable fake vines feature light and dark shades of green that simulate real growth. The only thing missing from these handsome vines is the grapes themselves!

Faux Foliage for Planters

This artificial bush stretches out to a full 42" in length, making it a perfect decorative accent for hanging baskets and planters. The faux foliage is made to drape naturally over the side of a container, just like a lush, growing plant. Add visual interest to empty walls by using wall sconce planters overflowing with these grape vines. They can also add vertical interest in the middle of a room or opening with hanging planters. And if you don't want to incorporate a planter, these fake vines can also be draped over doorways or trellises. Grape vines are a natural fit for Italian, Greek, or Mediterranean-themed restaurants, lounges, and hotels.