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Indoor Japanese Boxwood Living Walls

Modern set and stage design requires thinking outside the box, including bringing the outdoors inside. One effective way to do this is by adding lush greenery in an instant with Indoor Japanese Boxwood Living Walls that are made to order. A Japanese boxwood green wall adds an iconic feel to any space, with its rich, faux plant material. Minimalistic yet extremely noteworthy, artificial boxwood living wall panels maintain their vibrant appearance, requiring zero maintenance, watering or trimming.

Use as a faux living wall, botanical ceiling, green fence, wall covering, room divider, pop up store walls, or even build an eye-catching trade show booth with a background of boxwood. Have a retail store that needs new decor? Modernize your window displays or add a feature boxwood wall with mirrors mounted to it near fitting rooms.

Overall, you will enjoy the aesthetics of beautiful boxwood plants minus all of the work. Simply mount the commercial-grade iron scaffolding clad with boxwood tiles to the desired space and you're ready to put a fresh, green foot forward.

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Japanese Boxwood Indoor Artificial Living Wall 48inL x 24inH
Japanese Boxwood Indoor Artificial Living Wall 48inL x 48inH
Japanese Boxwood Indoor Artificial Living Wall 72inL x 48inH
Japanese Boxwood Indoor Artificial Living Wall 72inL x 60inH
Japanese Boxwood Indoor Artificial Living Wall 96inL x 60inH
Japanese Boxwood Indoor Artificial Living Wall 96inL x 72inH

Building With Boxwood Living Wall Panels

Using an indoor boxwood green wall to create or define space can be done effectively in a wide variety of businesses or industries. Nowhere is it more advantageous than in the film and theater industry where set designs often require faux plants to reflect a natural environment. By using living wall panels, you can custom build a set that mimics the out of doors. Natural-looking and pristine, faux plants maintain the look of live plants without any maintenance or upkeep. And the Japanese boxwood green wall not only renders an image of nature but other cultures as well.

Since living wall panels incorporating faux plants into their structure last indefinitely, the return on investment is huge. Without live plants to water, prune, fill in when plant portions die, you eliminate any expense throughout the life of your Boxwood Living Wall Panels. If occasional dust builds, simply wipe with a damp cloth or spray with a light mist before wiping dry. What's more, unlike live plants, these panels always look as rich, thick, and green as the day you received them. There's no fading so they can be used over and over again in a variety of staging areas and sets.

Create Large, Eye Catching Displays with Boxwood Green Walls

But boxwood green walls are hardly confined to film and theater industries. Living wall panels can be used as attractive space dividers to separate work stations in large offices. They also make great backgrounds for casual seating areas for staff or customers. Perfect for pop-up store displays in malls, as a botanical ceiling, in retail window displays, even as eye-popping trade show booths, the richness of the boxwood material itself can't help but set any exhibit apart from the pack.

Constructed using the highest quality poly-blend material available on the market today, each made-to-order panel is densely affixed to a rugged background using industrial grade fasteners. The faux plant material is then fashioned around a sturdy iron grid that is reinforced by a durable black powder coating to resist moisture and prevent rust. This solid construction creates a lasting product you can use year after year. Call our customization specialists today to build your Indoor Japanese Boxwood Living Wall.