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Griffin Square Fiberglass Planters

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Discover the stylish versatility of a square fiberglass planter from Planters Unlimited. Influenced by traditional European design, the Griffin is a modern take on a Victorian square planter. Starting from a geometric base, each of the four sides begin rounding up and away from the square shape followed by a visually interesting inverse taper. Unlike basic commercial planting containers, this square fiberglass planter conveys character even before the greenery is added.

At Planters Unlimited our commercial planting containers are built to endure heavy potting loads and landscape designs set in harsh climates. Constructed of durable fiberglass, these containers may play off the style of an old-world Victorian square planter but there is nothing old fashioned about the materials used. Fiberglass has become a fast industry favorite for lightweight outdoor planters that resist fading, cracking and leaking and have simultaneous aesthetic value. Designers, landscape architects and project planners will also delight in customization options that add to the overall versatility of these square fiberglass planters.

For more information on available sizes, colors and finishes, call customer service at 1-888-320-0626 (7am-5pm PST, M-F).

18" Square x 18"H Griffin Square Planter
24" Square x 24"H Griffin Planter

Creative design combines forces with durable practicality in this collection of square commercial-grade planting containers from Planters Unlimited. A modern take on a traditional Victorian square planter, the Griffin enjoys stylish components starting from a sturdy geometric base. From there, each of the four sides commences an outward protrusion leading into a double edged detail that begins an upward taper. Finished off with an attractive urn-like lip, admirers will notice the visual elements of this square fiberglass planter are many and varied. All of these interesting details culminate to result in an eye-catching commercial planting container. Top it all off with a brilliant floral arrangement or regal topiary to achieve the ideal combination for your landscape or interior design.

Constructed from the industry favorite for lightweight, durable planting containers these square fiberglass planters are inherently resistant to cracking, leaking and other damage typically caused by heavy planting loads. In addition to their tough nature the flexibility of fiberglass provides the manufacturer with ease in customizing orders: this translates into multiple options for our customers.

Starting with size, choose the dimensions best suited to your commercial project whether your requirements are modest or commanding. Standard and custom sizes are available. Next, browse our range of color and finish options to give your commercial planting containers just the right feel. For a rustic feel reminiscent of the countryside, try out our Terracotta color with a textured finish. Or for a more contemporary vibe let the modern detailing of these Victorian-inspired square planters speak for itself in a sleek black with a smooth finish. With more than 30 color and finish combinations available, there is something to suit every design aesthetic.

Bring a truly unique feel to your commercial design plans with a Griffin square fiberglass planter. If this product fails to meet your requirements, then try one of our other commercial planting container styles like the Valencia, Villagio or Abbey square fiberglass planters. Whatever your vision, bring it one step closer to reality with the right commercial planter today.

For more information on available sizes, colors and finishes, call customer service at 1-888-320-0626 (7am - 5pm PST, M-F).