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Get a sturdy base for your posts with this multipurpose GroundTech® GroundMaster Post System. Each 4x4 post anchor system is strong, economical and easy to install. In fact, GroundTech® post anchors can be operational in just minutes, giving way to beautiful outdoor landscapes. Mailboxes, birdhouses, feeders, trellises and more will all find a sturdy footing with a GroundMaster Post System at their base.

Where a traditional 4x4 post anchor can take hours to install this simple system of post anchors is ready to use in just a fraction of the time. Also, heavy gauge steel sockets resist corrosion and blend well with exterior surroundings. The GroundMaster Post System is offered here in a light- or medium-duty grade to suit a range of applications. Light-duty post anchors are commonly used for mailboxes, wire fences and real estate signs. The medium-duty grade applies to these same projects and also works for larger signs, to install decking, storage sheds and carports. Please click on products below for more details.

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24" Light  Duty GroundTech Ground Spike 4X4 Post
30" Medium Duty GroundTech Ground Spike 4X4 Post
Choose a 4x4 post anchor that gets the job done at an affordable price: the GroundTech® GroundMaster Post System in a choice of light- or medium-duty grades. For garden arbors, mailboxes, volleyball nets and more, durable and easy post anchors help to turn your outdoor spaces into an oasis of beauty and fun.

The GroundMaster Post System is an ultra-strong ground spike that acts as a multipurpose post holder. In terms of ease and convenience, this 4x4 post spike installs in less than an hour to create a strong foothold for trellises, mailboxes, real estate signs and fence posts. If there is a 4x4 that needs stability these are highly effective and economical post anchors for light to medium-duty jobs.

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor landscape with a ground spike for birdhouses and feeders, decorative planters, garden arches, lampposts and trellises. A heavier duty 4x4 post anchor may also work to help install decking, fences, railings and small sheds. For outdoor games, using a post spike makes it easy to put up volleyball and badminton nets, or to set up markers for toss-style competitions where a 4x4 marks the target. For fun, decoration or utility, post anchors make an easy and efficient tool.

In addition to convenience, the GroundTech® GroundMaster Post System also keeps durability in mind. The manufacturer uses heavy gauge steel sockets that resist corrosion for lasting outdoor use. Post spikes also blend well with outdoor surroundings so as not to take away from natural beauty.

Online at Sign Bracket Store, we supply our customers with a choice of the 24" Light-Duty Post Holder or the more robust 30" Medium-Duty Post Anchors. Both are designed to work as a 4x4 post anchor - the difference is in the application of that post. For larger signage and heavier duty projects like a storage structure, medium-duty will likely be appropriate. Light-duty works well for projects like small fences, as a real estate sign ground spike, or to post a birdfeeder.

To discuss the appropriate 4x4 post holder for your project with a knowledgeable Sign Bracket Store project manager, please call toll free 1-888-919-7446, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.