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PlanterWell GrowBrownies

Care for your thirsty plants with this indispensible new garden tool. Because of its brown color and spongy texture, we call it the GrowBrownie. This unique material, made from a combination of coco coir, composted fir bark, and a proprietary polymer, holds up to 8 times its weight in water. It has several applications:

1. Place a GrowBrownie under the soil in a planter or window box. It will hold water like a sponge, releasing it into the soil when the plants get thirsty.
2. Use it as a growing medium for green roofs and living walls. Plants love the GrowBrownie, growing faster and stronger than they would in other media.
3. Mix GrowBrownie "Crumbs" into soil. As a soil amendment, it increases the soil's water retention and porosity, achieving better results than peat or vermiculite.

Equally suited to residential and commercial applications, the GrowBrownie helps your plants thrive.

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PlanterWell GrowBrownie 20"L x 5"W x 3"H
PlanterWell GrowBrownie 20"L x 10"W x 3"H
PlanterWell GrowBrownie 24"L x 3"W x 3"H
PlanterWell GrowBrownie 10"L x 10"W x 3"H
GrowBrownie "Crumbs" Soil Amendment- 1.0 Cu Ft per box
GrowBrownie "Crumbs" Soil Amendment - 2 Cu Ft Bag

Use GrowBrownie slabs as a structured growing medium and create panels of plants! Perfect for living walls and green roofs.

GrowBrownie panels are much easier to work with than sod. Simply moisten the Brownie, sprinkle grass seeds on top, and germination will begin within two days. The grass will grow quickly and soon be lush and ready to install.

GrowBrownies Create Natural Self-Watering Planters

Whether you are looking to start seeds in a moist, nutrient-rich medium or just looking for a smart, malleable way to irrigate a window box or uniquely shaped planter, GrowBrownies soil amendments deliver. Easy to use, GrowBrownies contain up to 8 times their weight in water. They are comprised of coco coir, composted fir bark, and a proprietary polymer designed to trap water. This water is then available for later use by plant roots via their natural capillary wicking process. As a result, GrowBrownies become de facto self-watering planters, as if they were actual planter reservoirs, with the medium acting as the reservoir itself. Perfect for all kinds of container gardening, GrowBrownies can even become self-watering window boxes, which is particularly helpful for hard-to-reach window planters on second story windows.

The Easiest Plant Water Minder

As an effective plant water minder, GrowBrownie medium can be an essential garden device. It comes in two forms, either soft blocks or crumbs. Even though its color looks like dirt, its spongy texture provides a natural sluice or swab that contains water for future use. Sponge-like in its ability to hold water, when your plants are thirsty, roots merely drink up the water that's trapped. This process is an effective way of conserving water in the garden, window box, large urns, difficult-to-access planters and more. And because water is preserved for future use, it is a great way to save water since it prevents evaporation or runoff.

Additional Soil Amendment Uses

Besides setting in the bottom of window boxes or planters, GrowBrownie medium can be used for growing green roofs and living walls. Seeds and sprouts grow faster, typically germinating within a couple days. Sprinkle grass seed in GrowBrownie medium and watch the sprouts shoot up quickly, thriving into a lush 'floor' of grass. The material actually achieves greater results than peat or vermiculite, and is easier to use than sod. So the next time you want to either practice water conservation, incorporate a natural reservoir system in a window box or planter, try GrowBrownies in blocks or crumbs, sit back, and enjoy the results.