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Fiberglass Half-Round Planters

Half circle planters make a round silhouette possible in applications where a container needs to lie flat against a wall. A half round planter slices a circle right down the middle to create a moon-shaped container with one flat edge, resulting in a semi circle planter that can cozy right up to a flat surface while maintaining appealing curvature on the container's protruding face.

The half round planter pictured at left is made from durable, lightweight fiberglass. Half circle planters made from this quality material are suited to exterior or interior commercial applications and can be created in various colors and finishes to match an existing design scheme. Our clients include hotels, restaurants, commercial building designers and all manners of project planners searching for a functional and attractive plant container. The semi circle planter satisfies both criterion and even includes a removable tray for drainage that also adds a visually pleasing base rim. Various custom sizes and other options are available.

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Half-Round Fiberglass Planter 18in.L x 9in.W x 18in.H
Half-Round Fiberglass Planter 18in.L x 9in.W x 24in.H
Half-Round Fiberglass Planter 18in.L x 9in.W x 30in.H
Half-Round Fiberglass Planter 24in.L x 12in.W x 18in.H
Half-Round Fiberglass Planter 24in.L x 12in.W x 24in.H
Half-Round Fiberglass Planter 24in.L x 12in.W x 30in.H
Half-Round Fiberglass Planter 30in.L x 15in.W x 18in.H
Half-Round Fiberglass Planter 30in.L x 15in.W x 24in.H
Half-Round Fiberglass Planter 30in.L x 15in.W x 30in.H

Modern Fiberglass Half-Round Planters

Modern Fiberglass Half-Round Planters offer a unique shape while providing lots of space for flowers and foliage. With the flat side resting flush against the wall, these large outdoor planters add dimension and modern appeal no matter where they are situated. Set a half-round planter inside atriums or alongside your building's exterior. These attractive and durable fiberglass planters are perfect for showcasing shrubs and trees, colorful tropical flowers and much more. As uniquely shaped outdoor planter pots, these half-round pots are sure to draw the eye. Available in numerous colors and four finishes, design your own half-round planter boxes to fit your exterior decor theme. As commercial planters go, the fiberglass half-rounds offer a compelling shape unlike any other planter. And with the fiberglass material it is made from, you will enjoy years of use with it looking as good as the first day you installed it.

Durable Fiberglass Planters Have Gone "Halvies"

With the uniquely shaped half-round planters made from durable fiberglass, you are assured years of use without damage. The benefits of fiberglass are substantial. They require no maintenance, can be manufactured in an infinite number of colors beyond the standard colors we carry. Plus, we offer four finishes: gloss, semi-gloss, matte, and sand. And with the miracle of fiberglass made from recycled glass fibers and other natural materials, the curvature of this lovely half-round planter won't crack, bow, chip, rot or warp, providing you with season after season of reliable performance. What's more, like all fiberglass planters, it is lightweight and easy to move, weighing a fraction of heavier materials.

Customization Our Specialty - No Matter What the Scale

Available in nine standard sizes in a wide range online, we can also manufacture the exact size you need if you require a smaller or larger fiberglass half-round planter. And since the standard sizes we carry come with a removable drainage tray, we can also make that as well to your specifications. In regards to colors, we carry nearly three dozen choices, including metallics and real metal coatings in copper, aluminum, bronze, corten steel, and raw iron, to name a few. But if there is a color shade your project calls for, we can color match to whatever you require. For additional information about our Fiberglass Half-Round Planters and customization options, please contact us today and speak with one of our design specialists.