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Commercial size large hanging baskets, deluxe large hanging baskets and large wall hanging baskets with or without "Planter Well" self watering reservoirs can be purchased here at Hooks and Lattice. We also sell large hanging basket replacement coir liners, large hanging basket liner inserts and self watering hanging basket "Planter Well" reservoirs separately  in many sizes. Special large sizes and designs of hanging or wall baskets with coir can also be made to order.  The advantages of coconut coir fiber liners verses other moss liners or peat moss are many including less evaporation and less chance that birds will steal the fiber to build nests..

Pressed coconut coir liners are natural, organic, and environmentally safe. Coconut coir liner sometimes referred to as moss liner or peat moss provides excellent drainage and aeration. Hooks and Lattice also sell "Water Well" reservoirs that keep your hanging baskets moist for up to 4 weeks at a time.  Pressed coconut coir liner prevents root rot, is long lasting and reusable. The rich natural color of coconut coir liner stays longer.

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Hanging Baskets / Hanging Plants

 Hanging baskets filled with flowers or other foliage plants can dramatically enhance your home, condominium or apartment.  Whether they are used on a patio, in the backyard or on a porch you can utilize our high quality hanging baskets or hanging planters to create a beautiful garden environment that will draw friends, family and yourself into areas that may have otherwise been much less appealing.  Round hanging baskets, deluxe hanging baskets and wall hanging baskets can be purchased here at Hooks and Lattice.  All of our hanging baskets are sold with a coconut fiber liner, which is known as coir liner.  We also stock a large variety of shapes and sizes of replacement coir liner.  Finally, if you are looking for a custom made size or design we offer that capability as well.

Hooks and Lattice uses and carries coir liners for our hanging plants and hanging baskets because they are superior to alternative liners such as peat moss or other types of moss liners.  Our pressed coconut coir liners are natural, organic and environmentally safe as well as long lasting and re-usable.  In fact the rich natural color of the coir liner will not fade over time.  These coir liners provide excellent drainage and aeration, which will prevent root rot. 

It is important to remember that hanging plants will be heavier after they are watered so it is essential that you select a well-made hanging basket.  If the hanging basket is subject to the wind the quality of the basket is even more important.  The hanging baskets at Hooks and Lattice are extremely sturdy and have been protected with either a vinyl coating or an actual powder coat finish.  These protective coatings will help to ensure that you have a good looking and strong hanging basket for seasons to come.

After selecting your preferred style of hanging basket or wall basket the next step will be to choose your plants.  Certain plants will require only top planting to provide that long trailing look while other plants will look best when they are planted in the sides of the basket as well as the top.  Consult your local nursery for specific information regarding your preferred plants.  If you wish to include a variety of plant shapes in your hanging basket then the trailing plants should be planted at the edges and the sides while the upright plants should be placed in the center.  Keep in mind that small, young, healthy plants will adapt to their new environment more quickly than older plants.

For the best looking and happiest plants you should keep in mind two important words, water and fertilizer.  Both are important to the vitality of your plants.  Plants in hanging baskets require more frequent watering than plants in your garden.  This is primarily due to water evaporating from the sides and the bottom of the basket in addition to just the top of the soil.  If the potting mix feels dry 11/2 below the surface of the soil it is time to water.  Fertilizer is an important component to beautiful plants.  Frequent watering flushes nutrients from the soil and thus frequent fertilizing is also required.  However, time-release fertilizers simplify this process and should be re-applied as the tablets disintegrate.  Your local nursery can provide valuable information when you purchase the plants that you intend to use.