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Fiberglass Hanging Basket Inserts

Fiberglass Hanging Basket Liners save water, save maintenance and watering time and pay for themselves in as little as a month.  Fiberglass Hanging Basket Inserts are design to keep the hanging baskets moist longer by preventing the wind from blowing through the coconut coir liner and drying out the soil. 

In addition, these fiberglass hanging basket inserts give growers the ability to grow the flowers off site before they are ready to be displayed in the hanging baskets.

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18" Fiberglass Hanging Basket Insert
22" Fiberglass Hanging Basket Insert
Well of course you want to help save water, which means you'll be interested in fiberglass planter inserts for hanging baskets. But there's more to like when deciding whether to add fiberglass hanging basket inserts. First, let's talk labor. Fiberglass inserts help your plants retain water by keeping more water inside the planter - it transpires much less than a coir liner, but doesn't replace it- we recommend both. Imagine watering less often. What a lovely object fiberglass hanging basket liners become! Second, that marvelous moisture atmosphere will produce the best blooms. Last, hanging basket liner fiberglass helps protect your investment in coir because the coir will last longer inside a fiberglass flower basket liner.

The only time we can imagine that you wouldn't want to add fiberglass hanging basket inserts. If you want plants to cascade even more, you can use a large screwdriver to create a hole in your coir. Insert the screw driver, piercing the coir, rotate it enough to make a hole big enough for roots and then insert a hanging plant through the coir liner. That's one way nurseries achieve such abundance in their displays of hanging planters. Be sure the roots are well in and keep the hanging planter well watered so your side plants grow. They can dry out easily if you just focus on watering the top of the hanging planter. Small watering hoses are ideal for getting hanging flower baskets with layers started well.