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Leafy Green Plants in Hanging Baskets

Adding lush greenery to your home or office brings in a sense of calm sophistication. Leafy green plants are welcoming and serene, which makes them perfect for any commercial situation. Even better, you can get all of the benefits of leafy green hanging baskets without the upkeep or cost of maintenance. Our selection of faux plants is unmatched and can help you create the indoor or outdoor space of your dreams. Browse through our products and inspiration galleries, and then give us a call to see what we can do for you. In no time you'll have perfect commercial hanging baskets without the fuss of watering and maintaining the plants.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

XL Boston Fern in 22in Hanging Basket, Outdoor Rated
English Ivy in 22in Hanging Basket, Outdoor Rated
Boston Fern in 22in Hanging Basket, Outdoor Rated
Buckler Fern in 22in Hanging Basket, Outdoor Rated
Grass/Buckler Fern in 22in Hanging Basket, Outdoor Rated
Grass Mix in 22in Hanging Basket, Outdoor Rated

Life-like Fake Foliage

Forget everything you know about fake plants and take at look at ours instead. It almost seems criminal to call these plants fake when they look so lifelike and vibrant. Our plants are made with special ultraviolet polymers to resist wear and tear and fading, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Each basket comes with a one-year fade resistant warranty. The plants are arranged in the basket to look as lifelike as possible, with gorgeous branches brimming over the edges just like real leaves and vines. With our lush green plants, you won't have to worry about changing things out with the seasons or having to protect your plants in blizzards or droughts-no matter the weather, these plants will stay in top form.

Cost-Effective Beauty

When you consider the cost of water and fertilizer alone, artificial hanging baskets are an incredibly cost-efficient option. You'll also save on the time it takes to maintain the plants, and trim, water, and re-plant each season, as well as the large costs that come with plant issues like rotting and bug infestations. Instead of focusing on the money your plants are costing, you can focus on the beautiful fake plants and the wonderful atmosphere they are creating in your office or outdoor space. Give the appearance that you've hired the best gardener around without breaking the budget-outdoor artificial plants give the same look with no green thumb required!

Personalized Style

Green leafy plants may all seem the same, but we have a huge variety to meet your specific style needs. The beauty of green plants is that you can create a stunning arrangement by mixing textures and shapes, or you can keep things cohesive by using all of the same type of plant. Our greenery baskets feature options such as English Ivy, ferns, and mixtures of grass. Our hanging baskets serve as a canvas for the plants and will match any style of office or commercial space. And of course, the baskets are made of durable and rust-resistant wrought iron. If you can't find the perfect arrangement to meet your needs, our representatives can help you create a customized basket that is just what you are looking for.