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Coco Hanging Basket Liners

Enjoy long lasting coco basket liners for thriving outdoor arrangements. When it comes to smart container gardening, coco liners for hanging baskets are a wonderful alternative to moss. A strong, fibrous construction makes coconut basket liners durable and easy to install for a robust, natural look.

Each of our coco liners for hanging baskets has an extra thick construction from coir material. Coir is the fiber that lives between a coconut husk and its milky center, meaning coco basket liners are a natural when it comes to existing between two worlds. In the gardener's case, coir is just the thing for stable planting that allows roots to enjoy a healthy circulation of oxygen from the surrounding air.

Coconut basket liners come in popular pre-molded sizes including 12", 14", 16", 18" and 22"D. These make great replacement inserts for flower baskets with deteriorating liners. And for custom projects Hooks and Lattice also offers unshaped liner rolls to create your own coco basket liners.

12" Replacement Molded Coconut Basket Liner
14" Replacement Molded Coconut Basket Liner
16" Replacement Molded Coconut Basket Liner
18in. Replacement Molded Coconut Basket Liner
22in. Replacement Molded Coconut Basket Liner
Coconut Coir Liners
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Coco Fiber Rolls
Discover what coconut basket liners can do for your hanging flower arrangements. When choosing inserts for outdoor planters, coco liners for hanging baskets make an attractive alternative to moss. They are easy to install and perform with great stability once planted. Not to mention their fibrous nature makes coco basket liners an ally to plants by letting a healthy flow of oxygen circulate to roots.

Hanging baskets look lovely on front porches, decks and patios, and coco basket liners enhance that natural beauty. Coconut hanging basket liners are made from the material found between a coconut's center and outer husk, known as coir. This fibrous material is shaped into matting that becomes a housing for your favorite potting soil, greenery and flowering plants. Beloved arrangements of petunias, pansies, snapdragons and daisies will all thrive in a coir environment.

Coconut hanging basket liners are available in pre-molded sizes measuring as little as 12" in diameter and up to 22" across. In addition to pre-sized coconut basket liners, Hooks and Lattice also sells flat rolls that can be cut and molded as needed. A utility knife or other heavy duty cutting tool is sufficient to pierce through the matting.

In addition to an attractive look, coconut basket liners are also a low-maintenance and affordable way to line hanging planters. When compared with moss inserts of a similar size, coco basket liners will last longer and take less interim maintenance between replacements. Simply insert the fibrous mat into your hanging basket, fill with favorite potting soil, plant your favorite flowers, and enjoy flourishing container arrangements. Nothing spruces up a patio, deck or front porch quite like a suspended display of vibrant color and life.

All coconut hanging basket liners are constructed using an ecological tree sap adhesive. This gives inserts stability along with a natural look. Pre-formed coconut basket liners are available to pair with Hooks and Lattice flower baskets and will also fit other standard sized containers. This is an affordable way to line hanging baskets and many of our customers like stocking up on replacement liners to keep landscapes looking refreshed.

For more information on coco liners for hanging baskets, online orders and shipping, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.