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5" Double Hook Hanging Bubble Terrarium with Moss Option

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Fun Hanging Terrariums - Space-Saving 3D Art!
An innovative and unique take on interior decor, hanging terrariums add new depth and vertical interest to your space. Instead of piling shelves and table tops with decorative accent pieces, why not hang them right from the ceiling, giving you an interesting conversation piece that is sure to light up the room. And right at eye level, these cute little bubble terrariums are sure to be noticed! Instead of hanging the same old paintings and wall art, suspend these translucent glass globes for a fresh decorating idea that is sure to please.

Create a Terrarium Chain
The best thing about our double hook hanging bubble terrariums is that they can be hung solo or linked together in a chain. Each hand blown globe has a loop at the top and a hook at the bottom, allowing you to connect as many of these little terrariums together as you please. Stretched from ceiling to floor, a terrarium chain adds a vertical element to your space. Like little floating bubbles, these terrariums add a whimsical fantasy quality to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. You can even use them outdoors to decorate porches, balconies, and covered patios (just make sure they are carefully secured in windy places). And terrariums make a great gift for housewarming parties, birthdays, or college bound students.

Terrarium Styling Ideas
Each clear glass globe has two holes--a larger one so that you can fill it and a smaller hole to allow ventilation for air plants. This bubble terrarium is available with your choice of lichen moss in a variety of colors. Substitute other tillandsia air plants or mosses, or add these plants to your lichen moss. Remember to keep air plants moist by hanging them in a damp environment or misting them weekly. If you're not a fan of live plants, you can add any number of little decorative bits and pieces to your bubble terrarium. Shiny glass beads and pebbles create a stunning effect as the sun plays off of your hanging bubble. Or add artificial blossoms for a pop of vibrant color. Whatever you choose to put inside, these bubble terrariums are a unique new way to decorate your home, office, or business.

5" Diameter