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10" Apple Shaped Terrarium

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A Unique, Contemporary Teacher Gift Idea
For years a shiny red apple has been the classic gift for showing a teacher your thanks. Nowadays this old fashioned token of appreciation has lost its luster. But you can still keep up the tradition by giving your favorite teacher a gift that is sure to add a lot more decorative appeal to her desk than a Granny Smith. This delightfully unique apple shaped terrarium is the perfect way to add natural visual interest to your space, whether it's a classroom, office cubicle, dorm room, or kitchen. This lovely miniature greenhouse is a great way to show that special teacher, coach, friend, or loved one that you care in a big way. Kids also get a kick out of this terrarium as they learn the basics of container gardening and plant lifecycles.

Hand Blown Glass Appeal
Our hand blown glass apple pendant is a fresh new twist on traditional glass terrarium containers. This unique apple shape highlights the natural appeal of the little greenhouse. Hand blown extra thick, the apple has a stem that doubles as a convenient hook for hanging. At roughly a foot high, this terrarium is the perfect size for any tabletop or shelf large enough to hold a wide variety of beautiful plants. It is also small enough that it doesn't take up too much space. Hang this apple terrarium from a piece of rustic jute or hemp cord to increase the natural appeal while also adding vertical interest to your space. These glass terrariums can be used indoors or outdoors in sheltered locations.

Terrarium Decorating Ideas
The apple shaped terrarium has a round opening near the top so that you can fill the bottom half with planting media without worry of spillage. If you plan to use it for live plants, the bottom can be filled with water, soil, rocks or other substrate to sustain air plants, succulents, or small ferns. However, this little container isn't just for plants. Fill it with any decorative accent your heart desires, from potpourri to paper clips. Glass beads and shiny rocks add a touch of glitter that will catch the eye from across the room. To keep in line with the natural look, you can fill this glass apple with cut blossoms, sea shells, or a tea light candle.

8" diameter x 10" Height