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For sophisticated hanging address signs suited to your taste, these metal address plaques are available in rounded or square silhouettes with custom finish choices. Mounted from overhangs, archways or a decorative lawn stake bracket, a hanging address plaque makes a distinct marker for any home, and businesses as well.

The Hanging Plaques category at Hooks & Lattice features rectangular or oval silhouettes. In both shapes, each hanging address plaque is configured with the home number underscored by street name for a clear display of location. Made from quality, durable materials these metal address plaques stand up impeccably outdoors whether covered by an overhang or out in an open landscape.

For specific dimensions and finishing options, click on hanging address signs pictured below. More than fifteen back- and foreground color combinations are available for easy accompaniment with a range of color palettes, architecture styles and landscaping design.

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Two Sided Oval Hanging Plaques
Two Sided Rectangle Hanging Plaque
Metal address plaques featured in the above category can be mounted from a lawn stake bracket, wooden overhangs, archways, mailbox stakes and more. In fact, the beauty of a hanging address plaque is just that - they are simple to hang anywhere for effortlessly attractive display of a home or business street number and name.

Available online via Hooks & Lattice, these hanging address signs are durable metal address plaques made from high-quality materials. Brilliant for residential or small business applications where a tasteful display of location is desired, hanging address signs are ideal in terms of versatility and performance. Each is given sturdy, pre-fitted mounting rings, for an easy and elegant presentation of your whereabouts.

Our hanging address plaque designs come in oval or rectangular shapes, with each style available in a range of finishes including different background and foreground color combinations. For metal address plaques with a strong, timeless appeal, a range of classic metal finishes are offered including pewter, antique bronze, antique copper, and also a striking black background with gold, white or silver lettering. And for those locales with a bolder color scheme, hanging address signs also come in combinations of dark green, dark blue, red, sage or a warm terra cotta.

Whichever metal address plaques suit your personal dwelling or place of business, ordering online is easy via Hooks & Lattice. Simply click on the preferred style and create hanging plaques in the desired finish and with custom address information. Character limits may apply for house numbers and street names depending on sign dimensions. If unsure whether your address meets the character parameters, simply being typing in the 'Line 1' and 'Line 2' fields. As long as you are able to type in all needed characters, your hanging address plaque can be printed as specified. If unable to type all characters, then an abbreviation may be required. For larger address displays or street names with a lot of characters, a grander Estate Size Hanging Address Plaque is another available option.

In addition to our convenient website available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Hooks & Lattice is also available to assist our customers via toll free call at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).