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Hanging Globe Terrariums

For interior designers and home decorators craving innovative, green decorating ideas, hanging terrariums combine elements of simplistic beauty and sustainable design. Available in varied shapes and sizes, these hanging glass globes invite both inspection and discussion.

Utilize glass terrarium arrangements to cleverly decorate spaces at home by hanging glass globes, ellipses or teardrops along a bay window, from a large shelf space or lining the kitchen window. For older children, hanging terrariums also make a fun bedroom design project that can be personalized by choosing what to place inside. Use glass terrarium applications on the commercial side as well, for clever green decorating ideas in restaurants, waiting rooms, reception areas and more.

The Hooks and Lattice collection of hanging terrariums includes engaging shapes like glass globes, ellipses, ovals and teardrops. We also sell glass terrarium hanging accessories like wall and ceiling hooks, and thick Jute rope for an organic feel. Hanging terrariums can be left empty or filled with your plant or decoration of choice.

Pendant Hanging Terrariums, Set of 3
8" Water Drop Stem Vase Terrarium
4" Hanging Orb Terrarium - Empty
6.5" Hanging Glass Light Bulb Terrarium with Moss Option
Paradiso Glass Terrarium
Set of 3 Rhapsody Hanging Terrariums
8" Clear Hanging Terrarium
8" Grand Sphere Glass Terrarium - Empty
Extra Thick Jute, 50 feet
4" Bijou Wall hook
Price: $7.85
6" Bijou Wall hook
Price: $9.85

Consider hanging terrariums for your repertoire of green decorating ideas, and discover the limitless personal touches a glass terrarium can bring to your home or commercial design aesthetic. This collection of hanging glass terrariums, brought to you by Hooks and Lattice, includes classic glass globes or funkier silhouettes like the ellipse, oval and teardrop shapes.

Just one glass terrarium can inspire a range of green decorating ideas. Choose our classic hanging glass globes - available in four different sizes, and double hook glass globes for stringing - and fill them with combinations of seasonal flowers from the garden, roots, grasses, Tillandsias Plants, candles, colored pebbles, wine corks, or any other decoration you desire. Infinite opportunities to personalize are what make hanging terrariums truly distinctive décor.

Change fillers for hanging glass terrariums with the season. If you choose to use our designs in glass plant terrarium applications, the summer calls for dried or live cut flowers, while the winter is the prime time to fill hanging glass globes with evergreen branches or cheerful Holly Berry clusters. In autumn, choose some warmly colored leaves that drop from neighborhood trees to make thoughtful glass plant terrarium arrangements. Pair with other terrarium ideas such as a faux bird figurine and a pumpkin scented candle for a full-on harvest theme.

These hanging glass terrariums are truly innovative green decorating ideas, particularly when planted with "air plants". To incorporate the feel of organic décor with the hanging process, Hooks and Lattice also offers glass terrarium hanging accessories including a 50 foot bundle of extra thick Jute rope. Designers and home decorators will also find a Bijou Wall Hook in two sizes and an Antique Black Ceiling Hook. Put it all together with the hanging glass globes, ellipse or teardrop silhouettes and you can refresh home or office décor continually with new, innovative terrarium ideas.

Hanging glass terrariums are brilliant when hung in rows above a kitchen sink, in a large shelving section, over an end table, etc. Interior designers and decorators will instantly be overrun with terrarium ideas for hanging glass globes in rows, or maybe a funky combination of shapes with ellipses and teardrop hanging terrariums combined. Our glass globes also come in double hook configurations if you wish to string terrariums in groups. Use them in residential or commercial applications.

For more information on the hanging glass terrariums seen on our website or assistance with an online order, please feel free to contact us by calling 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.