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Olde World Style Window Planters

Arranging flowers is delightful in the Olde World Style Window Boxes. Derived from an old farmer's trick, this hayrack planter box is a showcase of materials working together. Window planters feature strong, epoxy-coated metal bars with a decorative border of woven rattan at the top. And lining each hayrack is warm and textural coconut coir which breathes well for healthy plant roots.

Your hayrack planter box arrives ready to go with the pre-formed liner inserted. Use as window planters to showcase all your favorite arrangements of mums, daisies, geraniums and more. Although described as an "Olde World" style, window boxes look anything but outdated. Rather, elegant lines and vibrant textural contrast produce a timeless quality. Make a bold statement in any spring-to-summer garden, and swap out blooming annuals for hardy greens during winter months.

Window boxes in the hayrack style are competitively priced making planters a must for any budget. Simply pot right into the coco liner and watch botanicals thrive.

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24in. Olde World Style Window Planters
30in. Olde World Style Window Planters
36in. Olde World Style Window Planters

Make window planters a year-round joy with the Olde World Hayrack Planter Boxes. Constructed out of weather resistant steel with grapevine accenting, this garden container has personality and utility. And a textured coco liner adds just the right contrast against dark metal bars. Insert your soil of choice directly and get right to planting - no muss, no fuss.

Solid construction, Olde World charm.

Window boxes get their structure from a heavy duty steel frame. As for the Olde World charm, that comes from woven rattan embellishments around the top of the container. Metal bars are coated in epoxy to safeguard against weather corrosion and rust, so window planters are well-suited to all seasons. Relish the color of spring and summer with tulips, daffodils and daisies, and just as easily swap out bulbs for hardier green plants during fall and winter.

Each Olde World Style Window Box comes pre-lined with a coco coir insert. This acts as the enclosure for planting, fitted like a glove to hug each curve in the hayrack. On top of an impeccable fit, coir also happens to provide an ideally suited environment for growing. The material is stable, yet breathable, so plants and flowers benefit from plenty of airflow to their roots.

Attractive, affordable window planters.

Hayrack planter boxes are easy, attractive and, on top of it all, highly affordable. Just like the traditional versions used by farmers to plant flowers, these containers present a creative and manageable gardening solution. The materials evoke a feeling of classic Americana particularly when paired with vivid botanical arrangements.

For more window box ideas online, browse the Hooks and Lattice website to gain inspiration. Not only do our products show off floral colors and green plants, but they also present a range of other opportunities for seasonal decor. Any time of year, the garden of your dreams isn't far away with the right window planters and boxes.