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Premier HDU Finials & PVC Bases

Premier HDU Finials & PVC Bases

At Sign Bracket Store, HDU Finials and PVC Finials are featured as a way to put some finishing touches on sign brackets, deck posts, outdoor stair banisters, Post & Panel Signs, and more. Our HDU Balls and Finials are named after an abbreviation for high-density urethane, which is a material impervious to water and any petroleum-based solvents.

Both HDU Finials and PVC Finials make a brilliant choice for commercial exterior applications where a low maintenance temperament and attractive appearance is key. Unlike wooden materials, our HDU Balls and embellished finial designs will not rot, crack or warp when exposed to varying levels of moisture and dryness. Simply screw in HDU or PVC Finials as a topper to outdoor deck posts or sign brackets and enjoy a maintenance free accent to your commercial landscape and signage.

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3" Dia. Ball w/ Pedestal Newel Post Top
5" Dia. Ball w/ Pedestal Newel Post Top
6" Dia. Ball w/ Pedestal Newel Post Top
7" Dia. Ball w/ Pedestal Newel Post Top
10" Dia. Ball w/ Pedestal Newel Post Top
12" Dia. Ball w/ Pedestal Newel Post Top
8" Dia. Ball with Classic Floral Base Finial Newel Post Top
4 1/2" Dia. Full Small Acorn Newel Post Top
6 5/8" Dia. Full Large Acorn Newel Post Top
5 1/4" Dia. Full Small Pineapple Newel Post Top
12" Dia. Two Part Ball w/ Square Base Pedestal Newel Post Top
4" Dia. Striped Ball w/ Pedestal Newel Post Top
2.75" HDU Ball Finial - White
5" HDU Ball Finial with 5/8" x 2" Pre-drilled hole - White/unfinished

Finials are everywhere, and many are HDU Finials and PVC Finials masquerading as wooden or other materials. An abbreviation for high-density urethane, the HDU Balls and Finials from Sign Bracket Store are suited to a new taste of landscapers, architects, designers and business owners: a classic look with modern convenience. Each of the HDU and PVC Finials featured in this online category is an outdoor rated product designed to hold up amidst moisture, heat, cold or any other inclement weather it encounters.

A favorite for commercial projects, PVC and HDU Finials make a striking topper for deck posts, fences, gates, outdoor furniture or commercial sign brackets of all kinds. Employ straightforward HDU Balls, or go for more embellished designs like HDU finials in the Fancy Acorn and Floral styles. Boost your most basic architectural elements to an aesthetically venerable component with the easy addition of finials.

By clicking on individual PVC and HDU Finials, particular product dimensions and estimated order time become available. Order HDU Balls and other PVC finials online through our simple, secure website at your convenience and at reasonable prices. Finials in this online category look wonderful as-is, and can also be painted.

High-density urethane and PVC materials are a virtual no-maintenance alternative to a range of traditional landscaping materials like metals, wood and stone. Besides their imperviousness to moisture and petroleum-based solvents, these materials are perhaps most coveted for their resemblance to the very materials they often replace. For example, white composite PVC finials mimic painted wood, and given another paint color or texture, the possibilities are endless.

For commercial signage, HDU Finials are an affordable and simple way to boost aesthetic appeal. Take a usual Post & Panel sign configuration to the next level with the simple addition of finials on each post. From simple HDU Balls to more ornate silhouettes, choose a topper that best suits project requirements.

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