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Herb Kits & Seed Starting Kits

Use seed kits to aid in successful growing of vegetables, herbs, flowers and more! This unique collection of seed and herb garden kits will spring forth everything from gourmet garnishes to indoor tropical trees. Give herb kits as a gift to the gourmet in your life, or buy a seed kit to pursue a personal growing challenge like mushrooms or heirloom tomatoes. The variety featured here is vibrant and exciting for any gardener, chef or adventurous spirit!

Enjoy seed starting kits for personal use or give them as a thoughtful gift. Seed and herb kits are also a great project to work on with children, caring for a plant from the ground up and watching it grow. For a whiz in the kitchen, dazzle their next dinner party with an herb garden kit or seed kits for fresh ingredients like radishes, arugula lettuce and dwarf cherry tomatoes. And for a seed kit that produces just plain beautiful results, check out flower and tree varieties.

From tomatoes to mushrooms, herbs to edible flowers, use a seed starting kit to inspire your next growing adventure!

Paperwhite Bulbs in Recycled Steel Gift Box
Amaryllis Candy Cane Bulbs in Recycled Steel Gift Box
Amaryllis Red Bulbs in Recycled Steel Gift Box
White Button Mushroom Kit
Portabella Crimini Mushroom Kit
Giant Heirloom Portabella Mushroom Kit
Blue Oyster Mushroom Kit
Paperwhite Bulb Bamboo Grow Container
Peppermint Amaryllis Bamboo Grow Container
Yule Tree Growing Kit in Burlap Bag
Apple Tree Growing Kit in Burlap Bag
Dawn Redwood Tree Growing Kit in Burlap Bag
Christmas Tree Grow Bottle Demi
Amaryllis Grow Bottle Demi
Paperwhites Grow Bottle Demi
Windowsill Herbs Grow Box
Windowsill Lettuce Grow Box
Windowsill Strawberry Grow Box
Gardenia Bonsai Box
Price: $37.85
Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Box
Crepe Myrtle Bonsai Box
Dawn Redwood Forest Bonsai Box
Japanese Elm Bonsai Box
Lavender Seed Kit in Bamboo Container
Basil Seed Kit in Bamboo Container
Large Herb Garden in Bamboo Container
Mint Seed Kit in Bamboo Contanier
Oregano Seed Kit in Bamboo Container
Parsley Seed Kit in Bamboo Container
Chives Seed Kit in Bamboo Container
Recycled Bottle Seedling Kit - Growing Mint
Recycled Bottle Seedling Kit - Growing Oregano
Recycled Bottle Seedling Kit - Growing Parsley
Grow Bottle - Thyme
Price: $39.85
Recycled Bottle Seedling Kit - Growing Chives
Recycled Bottle Seedling Kit - Growing Basil
Micro-greens Grow Box - Spices
Certified Organic Micro-greens Grow Box - Veggies
Italia Herb Garden Window Box Kit
Herb Growing Wishes
Price: $21.85
Flower Growing Wishes
Organic Culinary Herb Garden Maker
Organic Culinary Vegetable Garden Maker
Butterfly Habitat Garden Maker
Bird Habitat Garden Maker
Butterfly Zinnia Garden-in-a-Pail
Alpine Strawberry Garden-in-a-Pail
Mini-Sunflower Garden-in-a-Pail
Good Morning Flower Seed Kit for Kids
Junior Bunny Seed Starting Kit
Junior's Healthy Green Garden Seed Starting Kit
Sunny Sunflower Garden Kids Seed Kit
Junior's Veggie Pizza Seed Starting Kit
Flutterby Butterfly Seed Starting Kit
Teracotta Organic Sprouting Kit - Radish
French Country Herb Trio
Heirloom Pepper Growing Kit
Thai Herb Window Box Kit
Herbs of Napoli Herb Kit
Edible Flower Kit - Nasturtiums
Edible Flower Kit - Pansy
Lavender Pail Garden
Herb Pail Garden
Price: $26.85
Get adventurous with seed starting kits for edibles, trees and other decorative plants. This assortment includes herb garden kits for popular varieties like sage, oregano, garlic chives, rosemary and thyme. Other seed kit options include popular cooking ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and greens like Italian arugula. Even venture into tropical tree territory with a seed starting kit for a passion fruit or pomegranate tree. The many possibilities will excite chefs, experienced growers and learning gardeners alike!

Enjoy an herb kit on a kitchen window ledge or use it as a convenient start to a larger plot. Herb garden kits are also among our most popular gifts. Impress a friend with culinary inclinations or offer herb kits as a unique housewarming gift instead of fresh-cut flowers that wilt within days. Thoughtful and refreshing, gift recipients are sure to be charmed at receiving an herb garden gift that will add freshness to both their home decor and dinner recipes.

Beyond herbs, seed starting kits come in a variety of plant types most of which yield edible results. Browse above to find mushrooms, two types of tomatoes and even coffee beans. Seed kits can also be used to grow indoor and tropical trees from the ground up. Many customers like to involve their children in growing projects, beginning with the seed starting kit and ending with years of shared enjoyment. A seed kit is also a wonderful gift for a baby shower or to welcome a newborn. Just think of beginning the growing process at the same time a new life begins, only to admire alongside a growing baby boy or girl!

Click on seed and herb garden kit products above to explore each type and environmental requirements. While a seed starting kit gives growers a leg up at the beginning, it is important to consider where a plant will live and whether or not its environment is appropriate. Many of the herb kits are robust and can even thrive indoors where appropriate conditions are maintained.

Discover seed starting kits and all that they an inspire, in your own home or that of your next lucky gift recipient!