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The Historic Hotel del Coronado

Project Challenges
A unique challenge of this project, for one of the most beloved historic hotels in the United States, was to remain true to the all-wood aesthetic of the site while providing exceptional quality and durability. Planters Unlimited provided the perfect solution-- Premier Cellular PVC Planters in a custom design that complements the traditional look of the hotel.

We built large commercial planter boxes that look and feel exactly like wood, but will never rot, twist, warp or chip. Innovative PVC composite materials allowed us to create these large outdoor planters in various square and rectangular forms to fit the space. The containers were installed around the grounds, retaining the hotel's sophisticated styling. Thanks to their Cellular PVC construction, these rectangular and square planters look indistinguishable from the wood originals but will endure--qualities of great value to Hotel del Coronado. They have added a cultivated old-world elegance to the site without adding maintenance time or expenses.

Coronado Premier Planters
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Commercial and Hotel Planters Available to All

This exact design we made for the Hotel del Coronado is now available to anyone searching for large or commercial plant containers. Named after the historic San Diego landmark, Coronado PVC Planters fuse timeless refinement along with its charm from a previous era while drawing on modern material strengths. Planters Unlimited has large rectangular planters for sale online and over the phone in any size desired. Coordinating square planters create a cohesive landscape design throughout any property, and containers can be used to grow produce and other edibles.

With their long, handsome good looks, Coronado plant containers provide the perfect space delineators between outdoor cafe seating on city streets or patios. Whether you use PVC planter boxes to showcase colorful floral arrangements, as faux walls, or in any container gardening setting, the Coronado PVC planter boxes can become part of your own enduring tradition. They offer beauty and practicality as eye-catching as the historic hotel for which they were originally created.

For additional information about our commercial planters, or to order custom planters like Hotel del Coronado call toll-free: 888-320-0632