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18in. Christmas Cheer Fresh Wreath w/ Ribbon

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Wreath Materials:

  • Fresh magnolia leaves
  • Moss
  • Boxwood
  • Red pomegranates
  • Yarrow
  • Red plaid ribbon

Enjoy Autumn With this Lovely Fall Wreath

As the leaves change color and fall from the trees, the air turns cool and crisp and the days get shorter, our attention turns from warm summer days to relaxing Fall evenings. We also tend to start thinking of decorating for autumn and the upcoming holidays. Our magnolia wreath makes a great addition to your autumn décor. Crafted from magnolia leaves and moss, the wreath is adorned with boxwood, red pomegranates and yarrow. The design is then tied together with a red plaid ribbon. The wreath can take you from the autumn season into Thanksgiving and Christmas and you won't have to change a thing.

A Fall Wreath that Will Last

Our Made in USA wreaths are different from department store wreaths in several ways. First off, we don't mass produce products that lack detail and individuality. All of our designs are hand made when you order. Second, we only use the highest quality supplies and materials to craft our wreaths. We routinely collect our materials from the farm so you can be sure they are fresh when the wreath is constructed. Finally, because we craft each wreath separately, no two look exactly the same.

Where to Hang the Magnolia Wreath

There is no rule for where you can hang a wreath as lovely as this one. Most people opt for the front door, but it can go in a curbside window, or decoratingyour fireplace mantel. Consider blank walls, fences and mailboxes to add seasonal curb appeal. Use it to add a touch of elegance to any spot that needs it. There is no wrong answer, just hang the wreath someplace where you can see it and enjoy knowing you have an attractive piece of décor that improves your home's aesthetics.

*For best results store in a cool, dry location.