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18in. Dried Floral Favorites Wreath

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Wreath Materials:

  • Dried magnolia leaf backdrop
  • Pomegranates
  • Artichokes
  • Natural lotus pods

This Odd Couple Makes Beautiful Dried Floral Wreaths

When you hear pomegranates and artichokes together in the same sentence, your mind most likely thinks of that a bold recipe the creative cook in your family is testing on the clan. Though pomegranates and artichokes does sound rather tasty, imagine how delicious a sight the pair make on one of our hand-crafted dried floral wreaths. With a dried magnolia leaf backdrop, the pomes and artichokes are also joined by natural lotus pods. The combination makes a stunning wreath that will look fabulous wherever you display it.

A Lotus Pod Wreath is a Beautiful Wreath!

Lotus pods are the chameleon of floral arrangements. Since they blend in with practically any arrangement you create, they are a popular and oft-used accessory in floral design. We like our lotus pods --just like our other wreath supplies --as fresh as possible and to ensure that, we don't start to gather materials or assemble your wreath until after you've ordered it. All of our wreaths are unique, so even if you and your neighbor buy the same style wreath from us, the two wreaths will look different because of the superior craftsmanship and USA farmed materials. No worries about seeing your wreath in a big box store or on the neighbor's house.

Hang Your Wreath Where You Want It Seen

Our Dried Floral Favorites Wreath will be greeted with positive comments regardless of where you place it. The most common placement is on your front door or in as entryway decor. There truly is something elegant about an amazing wreath on a front door greeting family and guests. But there are other places where it will look just as lovely. Combine it with candles and other items on your fireplace mantel to create a warm, inviting space in which to relax.

*For best results store in a cool, dry location.