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18in. Frosty Pinecone Lacquer Wreath

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White Lacquered Wreath Materials:

  • Pinecones
  • Dried, lacquered magnolia leaves
  • Berries
  • Caspia

Nothing Says Winter Wonderland like a Monochromatic White Wreath

If a Winter wreath on the door is a great way to let visitors know they are welcome, then this gorgeous monochromatic white wreath lets them know they are welcome to relax and stay awhile. Created with healthy-sized pinecones and finished with a high durable white lacquered coating, this seemingly fragile, frozen wreath is prepared to endure the elements. The sealant also creates a delicate, glass-like appearance that enhances its beauty. With proper care and storage, this wreath can adorn your door or entryway for years to come.

Premium Wreath Materials Made in USA

In its traditional form, this would be a stunning wreath, because who does not enjoy the combination of pinecones, magnolia leaves and berries? However we took a traditional look and turned in on its ear by adding a coating of a frosty sealant. This not only preserved the wreath but gave it a stunning frosted look. This wreath is hand made by artists in the United States, and no two will look identical. What will always be the same however, is the quality of the materials and the high level of craftsmanship used to create this masterpiece. While popular for use during cold months, this is also great for use year-round.

Such a Lovely Christmas Wreath

Deciding where to place this wreath is tricky because you want everyone to see it. The most logical place is on the front door, but a case could be made that a wreath this stunning should be admired for more than just the few minutes it takes to enter a home or business. Adorn the brick or stone fireplace or hang wreaths on a hallway walls or in common rooms. People who gather in the room won't be able to resist noticing your crisp, white holiday decorations from Hooks and Lattice. Buy wreaths online or call toll-free to request other sizes or special order designs.

*For best results store in a cool, dry location.