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18in. Fresh Golden Christmas Wreath

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Wreath Materials:

  • Fresh magnolia leaves
  • Cedars with lime
  • Golden pomegranates
  • Natural pinecones & birch twigs

Celebrate the Holidays With Tradition

When you haul out the holly, hang those stockings by the chimney and start to assemble your Christmas decorations, nothing says Merry Christmas better than a festive wreath. If you're in need of a new or additional wreath, you've come to the right place. Our festive fresh wreath, made with peak selected magnolia leaves and cedars is decorated with limes, golden pomegranates, natural pinecones and birch twigs is sure to be pleasing to anyone that lays eyes on it. One of our best sellers, this wreath screams holiday tradition and Christmas beauty.

No Two Look Alike

Although each wreath contains the same materials, each wreath remains unique because it is carefully assembled by hand. And unlike big box store wreaths, ours don't sit in a warehouse for months or longer before we pull them out, brush the dust off and pass them off as unique. You wreath is made when you order it. And since we only use the highest quality materials and the freshest supplies, you can be sure your wreath will look as fresh when you get it as it did the day it was made.

Place it Wherever You Want It

Most people place the wreath on the front door because that's where they are traditional placed. However, there's no written rule that the wreath has to be on the front door. You can use your fresh magnolia wreath anywhere you would like, from the front door to the garage door, even in the window of your home. Hang it from a light post, a railing on your porch or deck or from your mailbox. You can even use it as a focal point for your interior decorating, from over a stone mantel, off a banister or even over a doorway. Place the wreath where it makes you happiest and it will not disappoint.

*For best results store in a cool, dry location.