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Danbury 29in. Round Planter

The home round planter offers excitement in the Danbury 29"home round planter, here in weathered stone. Great news for those with yard bunnies, too - if you've ever seen a rabbit in your outdoor space, count on bunnies who may munch on almost anything you plant - at almost 12" deep, combined with your railing your lovely plants will now be out of rabbit reach. This home round container plant pot flatters every plant shape, from trailing to tall and swordlike leaves. Use it as an outdoor or indoor planter. Outdoors, it resists UV rays and winter freezing so well it comes with a 10-year guarantee against fading or cracking. Its 29" size is also perfect for plants that go outdoors in warm seasons and indoors in cooler ones, including exotic tropical plants and every U.S. plant zone. Enjoy plants that normally grow only in warm zones wherever your container plant garden may be.

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Danbury 29in. Round Planter - Caviar Black
Danbury 29in. Round Planter - Rust
Danbury 29in. Round Planter - Weathered Stone
For an exciting home round planter, here's another choice in the Danbury series, here in rust in a smart 29" round container plant offering. A round planter is perfect for accenting everything from tall plants up to 40" (both outdoor and house plants, and most plants can be both) to cascading vines, wave petunias or whatever catches your eye. Or design a thriller, chiller, spiller combo. For can't-miss ideas, visit the winners in our 2010 I Love My Summer Window Box Contest. Pick any two or three plants for a great container. You'll love purples, blues, pinks and whites with licorice plant for an elegant planting that looks cool even on the hottest day. Or contrast with the weathered stone using black margarita vine at the spiller level - coleus is a great mid-level, with a green cordyline for height. Sanseveria (also called Mother-in-Law's Tongue or Snake Plan), is a great swordleaf plant outdoors or in. Other houseplants that look great in the Danbury 29" round planter include Boston and other ferns, a spider plant spilling its spider babies over the sides and vase-shaped peace lilies. And those are just a few of the easiest to grow.

The entire family of Danbury planters is so resistant to either winter cracking or summer's scorching sun that they are guaranteed for 10 years against cracking or fading. That makes them a great home for long-lived container plants, whether they begin life as house plants or outdoor choices. Want a bit of each? Combine a long-lived plant with an annual - or two - you can change out by the year or season, giving your container plant a whole new look as often as you like. The artistry of this home round planter will delight you- actually cast in lightweight resin, it looks like a hand-thrown clay plant container without clay's fussiness in most climates. Its light weight makes it easy to move as various plant combinations reach full potential throughout the season, and inside and outside depending on seasonal or stormy weather. Anticipating wind? Keep your resin pots watered so their weight will anchor them, or move them to a somewhat sheltered location if you find wind damages the plants themselves. They're also easy to group for watering should you plan to be away from home long enough for them to dry out.