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A water hose holder shouldn't have to be an eyesore. At Hooks & Lattice, our garden hose pots eliminate the need for an unsightly metal or plastic coiler on the side of your home. In addition, our innovative Prestige garden hose storage system makes it possible to operate your watering equipment nearby without uncoiling the entire hose. Simply peak the spout out of the hole in the front of the water hose holder and pull out enough slack to reach desired pots, planters and garden beds.

Garden hose storage options include the Prestige design that fully conceals hosing, or the decorative Hose Tidy coiler system to mount on an exterior wall. Each provides a pleasing alternative to metal or plastic hangers that are bulky and difficult to hide. Our Prestige garden hose pots are made from durable vinyl material that holds up in exterior applications with exposure to moisture. Customers can choose from a black, clay or white color to match their landscape and other planters. Each container has a removable top and frontal opening for easy hose access.

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Modern Bowl Hose Hider (5 Colors)
Chickadee Garden Hose Holder
Perrault Garden Hose Holder
Prestige Garden Hose Bin-Black
Prestige Garden Hose Bin-Clay
Prestige Garden Hose Bin-White
Filigree Garden Hose Holder
Hose Tidy
Price: $54.85
Stylus Irrigation Kit - Garden Hose Fittings
Make garden hose storage work for your landscape with a decorative water hose holder from Hooks & Lattice. Although your plants need water to thrive, that doesn't mean your water hose holder needs to be an unsightly display. Unlike cumbersome coilers with no pizazz, our garden hose pots and the attractive House Tidy system bring style along with functional storage. Whether you want to conceal equipment entirely or go with a wall-mounted coiler, there is an option available right here online.

Beginning with a concealed water hose holder, we are proud to offer our Prestige garden hose storage system in a choice of three attractive colors: white, clay or black. Made from quality vinyl materials, these garden hose pots are attractive square containers with attractive paneling on all four sides, a removable lid and front-facing hose access through a small hole. Each water hose holder measures 17"" x 17"" x 18"" to provide ample storage space. In addition full concealment of watering equipment, this system is also capable of feeding out a hose a little bit at a time for nearby spraying. For plants and flowers that just need a quick sprinkle in the morning or evening, this convenient water hose holder makes it simple to water what you need without dragging out the entire coil.

For a water hose holder that can hang from the side of your home, the Hose Tidy is a nice option to lift your hose off the ground. Unlike the usual plastic and metal coilers, this decorative alternative features handcrafted scrollwork and even a modest planter basket that can be filled with moss or a small flower arrangement. Each piece is finished with a dark grey powder coated paint for durable outdoor performance.

Garden hose pots and coilers from Hooks & Lattice are available for convenient and secure online ordering. In addition to garden hose storage, our extensive collection of home and gardening products also includes outdoor planters for lovely container gardening. To further conceal your watering equipment, consider surrounding garden hose pots or a wall-mount coiler with other plant and flower arrangements for natural camouflage.