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Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel

Project Challenges
The Miami Downtown Hilton stands tall and elegant over the bustling city in sunny southern Florida. It features a rooftop pool and patio with stunning skyline views. A neighboring rooftop, however, was far less attractive. Consequently, the hotel wanted to mask that portion of the view.

Planters Unlimited created a custom artificial boxwood hedge to encircle the patio -- high enough to block sightlines of the undesirable view's aspects but short enough to allow viewing of the city's eclectic vistas. Our outdoor-rated faux boxwood features UV protection impregnated into the durable poly-blend plastic itself. This allows the faux plant material to stand up to the penetrating South Beach sun. These artificial privacy hedges also outlast any live counterparts that could have been used for secluded screening: a win-win in all respects.

Artificial Green Walls - Outdoor
Artificial Hedges - Outdoor Faux Boxwood Hedges

Faux Plant Benefits for All

The artificial boxwood maintenance free alternative to its live counterpart provides realistic privacy screen benefits for the hotel. Comprised of bright green leaves that sport lighter tips, the hedges' outdoor artificial plants require no watering or trimming. Essentially, there's no upkeep to contend with. If dust accumulates, hedges can be easily rinsed off with a hose. With advantages such as these, it's easy to see how a privacy screen comprised of faux boxwood is preferable to the real thing. In addition, fake privacy plants also are durable. They last a very long time, making them far more cost-effective than live plants. Plus, they maintain their vibrant green color.

Adhered to a powder coated metal cage, each boxwood hedge is filled with fake plant material to obscure the most unsightly views. Available for any application, our outdoor artificial boxwood plants can be anchored ground level or affixed to modern planters to create a perfect visual barrier. For custom options for your business, call today to discuss your next project with a specialist.