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Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces

When you see ceramic sconces by Fabby, you're not just looking at a wall light. Each of the decorative sconces also doubles as an exquisite piece of art. In this category of ceramic wall sconces, brought to you by Hooks & Lattice, the timeless elegance of ceramic art is fused with all the efficiency of a modern wall light.

Each of the ceramic wall sconces featured below is a handcrafted product born of white earthenware clay. At Fabby, skilled ceramic artisans handwork the clay and pour it into a slip cast with a custom wall sconce design. Following molding, bisque firing at the optimal temperature yields ceramic sconces with the lovely trademark finish of a milky white. Although stunning in white, each wall light is also paintable using latex or acrylic paints for bolder designs.

Shop online for decorative sconces in style categories like Contemporary & Modern Ceramic Sconces, Classic & Traditional, Themed Ceramic Wall Sconces, Theater Sconces and Children's. Each fixture is a UL-listed product.

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Decorative sconces make a radiant asset to interior decor, and at Fabby, the creation of ceramic wall sconces aims to take designer lighting one step further, turning wall lights into a simultaneous work of art.

Each of the ceramic sconces featured across these ten product categories is born of white earthenware clay. The material is handworked and then molded into decorative sconces from custom-made slip casts. From there, the formations are partially dried and readied for the kiln. A bisque fire at optimal temperature yields the ceramic wall sconces our customers see above: beautiful, original and artfully made.

Whatever room or corridor needs lighting, ceramic wall sconces are a lovely and functional choice. In addition to being decorative sconces with visual appeal, these fixtures are also UL listed for interior safety and performance. For covered or damp exterior applications, some ceramic sconces are rated for outdoor use and others can be upgraded as such (additional charges may apply).

When considering decorative sconces, retail and online shoppers come across various factory-made options out of plastics, vinyl, glass and the like. Ceramic wall sconces have all the same functionality, with an unparalleled boost of personality. Due to the meticulous process behind each light fixture's creation, no two come out exactly alike. With the spirit of original artwork in mind, ceramic sconces are truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Most customers choose to keep and mount ceramic sconces in their natural white finish, and this is the presentation we would recommend. However, for homeowners and designers who desire a particular color, ceramic wall sconces take latex and acrylic paints well. With the use of quality paints, it is easy to achieve a pleasing and uniform tone. For more instructions on painting, please call to speak with a knowledgeable member of our staff.

Purchasing ceramic wall sconces by Fabby is making an investment in style and utility. Mount sconces above bedside tables as a reading lamp, or use single decorative sconces to accent a wall hanging. In children's bedrooms, ceramic sconces are safe and fun, particularly with designs featuring cutouts of youth favorites like dinosaurs, fish and shooting stars. Wherever they go, Fabby ceramic sconces bring brilliant light and joy.