Free Standing

For innovative tall display cases, Hooks and Lattice is proud to offer this collection of free-standing terrariums in an array of charming styles. Instead of buying a terrarium stand and container separate, we've done the work for you and combined everything into one alluring, standing terrarium.

Each of our free-standing terrariums feature an enclosure for the individual decorator to customize. Picture a standing terrarium in the foyer or the corner of a dining room, where space is difficult to utilize. Altogether functional as tall display cases, free-standing terrariums are a great place to showcase houseplants outside of the typical pot or planter. Each terrarium stand is like a mobile home for greenery, adding life to any room it inhabits. Consider faux plants for a low-maintenance alternative.

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Free-standing terrariums are a wonderful way to enjoy the elements of the outdoors within the comfort of your own home. Each standing terrarium, brought to you online by Hooks and Lattice, is a valuable asset to your interior design as well as a lavish dwelling place for plants.

Traditionally, the terrarium stand was used in English conservatories as a home to plants that would thrive indoors by soaking up light through windows. Today, this tradition is continued - which is why our free-standing terrariums feature roof or other easy access for misting and live plant care. Place them in a bright room and you have tall display cases that are literally full of life. For a low-maintenance option that mimics the real thing, consider filling a standing terrarium with faux plants.

The terrariums on stands found here vary in style, but are all finished with cooperative and attractive colors in powder-coated paint – white, black and brown. There's the Gothic Style Terrarium Stand derived from the earliest English designs, the Wardian Terrariums on Stands inspired by the style invented by 19th century physicist Dr. Ward, and the Tall Regent House Terrarium Stand with its stunning ogee curve.

Although the terrarium stand is derived from traditions of planting indoors, it can also double as a tall display case for a number of items. If you have a knack for abstract design, fill a standing terrarium with hanging shapes or mobiles in contemporary combinations. Or, fill your terrariums on stands with a cluster of white lights and reflective crystals for a brilliant year-round accent. Bottom line: creativity is boundless when considering the options for a standing terrarium.

Free-standing terrariums are also your seasonal ally. In the wintertime, hang snowflakes or holiday ornaments. In the spring, adorn your terrarium stand with a faux bird's nest and dried flower petals. For families, get the kids involved and make redecorating your standing terrarium a fun, recurring project.

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