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Hanging Globe

Hanging Globe

For interior designers and home decorators craving innovative, green decorating ideas, hanging terrariums combine elements of simplistic beauty and sustainable design. Available in varied shapes and sizes, these hanging glass globes invite both inspection and discussion.

Utilize glass terrarium arrangements to cleverly decorate spaces at home by hanging glass globes, ellipses or teardrops along a bay window, in a large shelf space or on the kitchen window. For older children, hanging terrariums also make a fun bedroom design project that can be personalized by choosing what to place inside. Use glass terrarium applications on the commercial side as well, for clever green decorating ideas in restaurants, waiting rooms, reception areas and more.

The Hooks and Lattice collection of hanging terrariums includes engaging shapes like glass globes, ellipses, ovals and teardrops. We also sell glass terrarium hanging accessories like wall and ceiling hooks, and thick jute rope for an organic feel. Hanging terrariums can be left empty or filled with your plant or decoration of choice.

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