Traditional Table Top Terrariums

Traditional Table Top Terrariums

Plant a lively miniature garden on your tabletop with terrariums for plants. Choose a combination of moss, herbs, grasses, blooming flowers or small decorations to fill glass terrariums and create live display cases with your personal touch.

At Hooks & Lattice, our collection of Tabletop Plant Terrariums comes in varied styles, suited to a range of interior design aesthetics. Choosing arrangements and putting them together makes for a fun and creative project to do with the kids, and appointing your beloved little gardeners to water the habitat in glass terrariums is a great way to engage them in the joys of gardening.

For the holidays, use terrariums for plants as an innovative way to get in the spirit. Choose garlands or sharp evergreens during the winter seasons, and conversely, a rotating collection of regional wildflowers to spruce up tabletops with plant terrariums in the spring. Also, add charms or other decorative pieces to accent themes or color schemes.

Start your mini indoor garden today with Tabletop Plant Terrariums, brought to you by Hooks & Lattice!

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Indoor container gardening finds a cozy enclosure with table top terrariums for plants, brought to you by Hooks & Lattice. Our mini glass terrariums are functional interior planters that double as stunning display cases in any room of the house. Place plant terrariums on a kitchen, coffee or end table to incorporate plant life into your home decor.

Start by choosing the style you prefer from our range of plant terrariums for sale, and then personalize your presentation with a unique combination of grasses, terrarium moss, leaves, flowers, herbs or decorative accents. With the right techniques, these containers can also be turned into cactus terrariums for a Southwestern appeal. With a little imagination, and maybe even some recommendations from your local nursery, you can turn glass terrariums into a one-of-a-kind embellishment. Also, the size of these mini terrariums makes them movable decorations that are easily changeable as the seasons change or new planting ideas arise.

Browse table top terrariums for plants online at your convenience to find different glass plant terrariums with wire and metal cages. Styles come in resemblances of everything from a greenhouse, to a gazebo, to a birdhouse, all with a charming garden theme. Make a faux bird's nest using twigs and grasses from the yard and a couple of clip-on birds from a craft store. Or, use miniature ceramic pots and a combination of herbs to make your own miniature greenhouse garden terrariums.

Each of these mini terrariums comes ready to grow and thrive, especially where special attention is given to the plant life chosen and their preferred moisture levels. Just like in outdoor gardening, the planting material chosen for your glass plant terrariums will help to optimize your arrangements. However, the enclosed display cases hold more moisture in and, consequently, table top terrariums will not need as much watering as your outdoor garden.

For more information on available styles of table top terrariums for plants, ordering and shipping, please call the customer service team at Hooks & Lattice. We're available to answer your questions or talk about your specific project at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.